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Light Centre , 9 Eccleston Street, London, SW1W 9LX

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London Natural Health Centre, 46 Theobalds Road, London, WC1X 8NW

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Discover + Eliminate the root of your problem

— Are you looking for your soul purpose?

— Do you ever think “Why am I here?” “What’s the secret to happiness?” Or “How does energy impact my life?”

— Are you living with chronic stress, and worried about the long-term problems this may cause in your body?

If you know there’s more to life, and you want to live with more calm, balance and mindfulness, spiritual & energy healing therapy can help you to achieve wellness and balance in mind and spirit.

A graduate of the renowned Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary, I have a holistic and synergistic approach to emotional healing.  With significant additional training from other sources, and a number of tools and techniques to draw on to create your treatment programme, we will support you to optimum wellness in body, mind and spirit.  Our tools, techniques and treatment include:

  • Biostar Q – Qbit Quantum Response Scan
  • Cosmic energy
  • Theta healing
  • Past Life Regression
  • Personal Space Harmonisation
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Reiki
  • Balancing and Centring of Chakras
  • Timeline Therapy
  • Limited beliefs removal/neutralisation
  • Quantum Therapy
  • And much more!
About the treatment

Free 30 min Phone Consultation to determine suitability.


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You can consider Spiritual & Energy Healing therapy if:

  • You would like to explore you own path and resolve the tension between your soul purpose and your current life
  • You’d like more self-confidence and higher self-esteem
  • You’d like a life with meaning and purpose – through love, life and work
  • You’d like to feel empowered to claim the life and work that fulfils your potential
  • You’d like to be more adaptable to change, and to be able to learn new things
  • You long for a zest for living, and the ability to laugh and have fun
  • You’d like to be able to build and maintain fulfilling relationships while staying true to yourself
  • Your family have told you that you need better work/life balance
  • You’d like to be more resilient – and to turn challenging situations in to opportunity
  • You’re open minded about powerful, profound and concrete spiritual practices which enable you to see what matters most in your life
  • You have depression or anxiety
  • You would like to live life with less effort
  • You would like support in increasing energy and vitality
  • You would like to attract positive people and situations in your life
  • You would like to remove negative energies from your life
  • You would like to attract the love that your soul deserves
  • You would like to have a happier and more harmonious life

Before the appointment, we’ll through a Health questionnaire MOT, so I have a full view of your health situation, as well as talking through emotional issues and testing for beliefs about life and who you are.

Then, during your appointment, I will use my hands either above or on your body.  Sometimes I’ll ask you to say various relevant phrases and statements, and then I’ll test before and after you’ve had the mental or spiritual intervention, with kinesiology.  This takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

This treatment is usually combined with other treatments. You’ll probably have 5 or 6 spiritual healing sessions to lay the groundwork for recovery.

After your sessions, you’ll feel relaxed, safer and more at peace with the world. You’ll also have more insights into the answers to your issues.  Research shows that this is a very effective treatment for people living with cancer or having treatment for it, and it can have a profound effect.

Your programme will be created for you to help you achieve your spiritual and energy healing goals.  As professional, conscientious and committed therapists, we offer bespoke programmes combining the best that technology and our methodologies can offer. Every programme is special and unique, because you are!

“You are a wealth of knowledge and so full of life and energy. I am feeling so much clearer and aligned. Thanks again for everything.” – Simone Narcheska, Energy healer and wellness coach

To find out more about spiritual & energy healing therapy, to book a course of treatments or find out about a bespoke programme tailored to your needs, please complete this short form and we will be in touch with you very soon.