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Detoxification for Weight Loss, Energy & Rejuvenation

RejuvaDetox works by clearing the body of toxins that have built up over the years. The programme supports the liver and damaged digestive system with a cleansing diet and supplements, together with sessions on a detoxifying machine to help the lymph flush toxins out and cells to release stubborn toxin buildup and fat.

A healthy, detoxed body absorbs the real nourishment from food and eliminates toxins, encouraging body fat to drop off and the body to heal itself. This is why the programme has been found to ease such an array of health conditions.

This successful combination – which does not involve exercise or rigorous dieting –has revolutionised the beauty and weight loss industry since its birth in 1994, as clients can lose between 4lbs and 6lbs a week, with an overall body loss of 16 to 46 inches in a month. It is a holistic approach to weight loss that treats the person as a whole, through a detoxification programme that rebalances the body and reshapes one’s silhouette.

About the treatment

Free 30 min Phone Consultation to determine suitability

28 DAY PROGRAMME  | 12 Treatments | 28 Days

Detoxify, Relax and de-stress on our Pain-Free “Ultimate Detoxifier” cutting edge technology machine developed originally for celebrities and high-end clients!

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Twelve treatments, with twice or thrice weekly sessions on the Ultimate Detoxifier Machine. The treatment is pain-free, relaxing and de-stressing.
Its purpose is to drill into the calcification of the toxic fat cell, allowing fat toxins to be drawn from the cell into the lymph system. It then switches on to lymphatic dilation and drainage, and rapidly eliminates those toxins from the body whilst toning the skin’s elasticity.
Your body becomes more efficient at absorbing nutrients so your energy levels will improve significantly, and your skin and overall appearance will take on a new health and glow.

28 Days – Healthy Food Plan
This is a 28-day healthy eating regime, with step-by-step food plan that further helps to cleanse the body. You do not restrict calories and are encouraged to eat good, non-toxic foods. Such a healthy food regime helps to cleans out and becomes more efficient at absorbing nutrients from the food intake; your body, hair and energy levels will improve significantly.

Organic Detox Box
The 28-day programme includes supplementation with organic cleansing supplements, to speed up the process of elimination and enhance results, leaving the client with an increased feeling of wellbeing.

No Hunger – eat as much as you want!
It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
No exercise is required during the process.

Why RejuvaDetox “+”

We have over 10 years of experience running the RejuvaDetox+ programmes which she enhanced much more since it was originally developed in 1994 hence the plus sign in its name. During this programme, our past clients have achieved significant health improvement and weight loss. The greatest ones were a reduction in weight of 31 lbs (over two stone in fat) in six weeks and a loss of 42 inches.

This is supported by breathing training, emotional/stress resilience techniques, education on how to shop for healthy products and how to protect yourself against toxic food products and electromagnetic radiation, as well as a full month of one-to-one coaching to help you achieve your health goals. Alongside all of this, we also recommend beneficial cleansing supplements, tried and tested by ourselves.

The RejuvaDetox+ programme works for both men and women. We have also successfully treated many clients from 16 years to those in their 80s, on this system.

Please note that we have male and female therapists to suit all our clients.

Year-on-year, toxic waste from food, the atmosphere, medications, vaccines, stress, dehydration, parasites and pesticides forces our bodily systems to become more sluggish and inefficient, making weight loss more difficult to achieve, the older we become. Within one month of the RejuvaDetox+ program, you can reverse years of digestive abuse.

With RejuvaDetox+, you will see and feel the difference in the first week and continue to lose inches of fat and toxins over the course of the treatment.

The programme has been found to ease conditions such as IBS, asthma, eczema, blood pressure, arthritis, low mood, lymphoedema, sluggishness, sleep disorders, sugar disorders, migraine and many more.

An initial consultation will assess the your current diet.

A thermographic scan of the digestive system is taken (externally). This is visual and will be shared with the client. A damaged digestive system compresses the intestines, crushing the internal area and causing the cells to be deoxygenised. Toxified waste and calcified plaque is indicated as a black mass, which gradually turns blue as treatments begin to work and the body becomes healthier, especially as absorption has been enhanced.

There are 4 different stages to this:

Satge One: The large area of blue clearly shows a healthy, rebalanced system.

During the programme we monitor and review your progress through weekly thermographic scans and support you to achieve stage one.

Stage Two: The increasing amount of blue indicates an almost rebalanced system.

Stage Three: The area is starting to decongest.

Stage Four: The large areas of black shows the body is heavily congested and in a toxified state.


A contraindication is when RejuvaDetox+ should NOT be considered.

ABDOMINAL SURGERY (in the past 6 months)






CANCER (remission for a min. of 5 years)








POST PREGNANCY (3-6 months recovery required)


Please note: We may refuse a refund if you show up to your appointment knowingly after reading that you have a contraindication. 


Click on the green button on the side to access our brief Weight Loss and Wellness application form to get you started, or call us on 0207 293 0440 to find out more.

Book early to have your Initial Assessment done, as we only enrol a limited number of people per month due to the high level of support that we need to provide during the RejuvaDetox+ programme.

Sophia, a patient for two months, found our RejuvaDetox+ the easiest and least stressful detox programme that she had ever done, and she had done quite a few. “I can now truthfully say that my husband has a ‘younger model’ as my metabolic age has gone down from 47 to 32 and my actual age is 48!”  She lost 9lbs and a total of 22 inches off her body. On all other plans, she has lost muscle mass, but on RejuvaDetox+ her muscle mass has stayed exactly the same.

She loved all the recipes provided and was thrilled that she now has, thanks to the nutritional advice given at every session from Lana, a whole new concept of how to eat, when to eat and what to eat. This has totally changed how she looks at food for the better, and she is now excited to get into the kitchen and start creating healthy, nutritious and easy to prepare food for herself and her family.

“I am totally over the moon with the results I have achieved from my Rejuva Detox with the Lovely Lana”, says Sophia.

Sophia T.

To find out more about RejuvaLymph+ therapy, to book a course of treatments or find out about a bespoke programme tailored to your needs, please complete this short form and we will be in touch with you very soon.