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Light Centre , 9 Eccleston Street, London, SW1W 9LX

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London Natural Health Centre, 46 Theobalds Road, London, WC1X 8NW

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The health and safety of our patients and staff are always paramount. We have been preparing thorough risk assessments for every aspect of our clinic environment and the patient journey to ensure we provide the cleanest and safest environment possible. We have been in contact with industry experts to ensure that our infection prevention and control measures along with PPE (personal protective equipment) which fully complies with the current guidelines and protocols set out by our industries regulation bodies.

We will continue to follow the guidelines set out by the government and NHS England and respond to any changes to ensure we comply with all the necessary social distancing and personal protective equipment (PPE) protocols.

For peace of mind and safety to all, staff members will be tested for COVID-19 symptoms and complete a fully CPD Accredited Clinical Safety Course in COVID-19.

To ensure that we can all work safely, the following protocols and guidelines have been put into place until further notice from the government! I have attached a pdf version as well for your convenience.


Clinic Re-opening Protocols and Guidelines | COVID-19

Even in this time of uncertainty, Total Health Now Clinic is a place for hope and healing — and we’re delivering the care you need.

Your safety is our top priority

We’ve added new precautions to minimize risk of COVID-19. You can focus on getting the answers you seek, knowing that we’re committed to keeping you safe.

When you visit, you’ll notice:

  • Strict limits to the number of people on the waiting area
  • Carefully monitored entrance points
  • Screening of all patients for symptoms and possible COVID-19 exposure before entering our practice
  • Universal masking required for all clinic staff
  • Waiting areas arranged for social distancing
  • Enhanced cleaning of exam rooms and equipment after each patient (we will have 30min gap between each treatment)
  • Frequent deep cleaning of other clinic spaces

What to expect when you’re here

Total Health Now Clinic requires all staff to wear a face-covering or mask during the treatment.

Long before you arrive at Total Health Now Clinic, safety is clear in the details. Here’s what you can expect:

1.   Appointment request phone call or booking online

Guidance for all patients and visitors:

  • Bring a mask to wear when on campus, however, it is not compulsory.
  • Follow social distancing guidelines.
  • Leave children under age 13 in the care of someone else at home unless they are receiving care at the clinic.


2.   Pre-appointment check-in guidelines

  • A review of clinic guidelines, including use of masks, social distancing and visitor policies
  • Information about arrival location and other logistics
  • All appointments MUST be prepaid in advanced.
  • Online consultations MUST be completed prior to the actual therapy to minimise contact time.
  • Please bring your own bottle of water, as we are no longer offer any refreshments due to the guidelines.
  • High-risk patients must notify us 48 hours before their appointment, so we are aware.

If any concerns are identified, we’ll provide you with clear guidance on next steps, including the possibility of rescheduling your appointment.

3.   Arrival Guidelines

Total Health Now Clinic staff will welcome you at your designated entrance. They’ll guide you through our door screening process, including:

  • And will ask you to wash and sanitise your hands.
  • All clients will be screened when making the booking and when arriving to their appointment. Any client showing any signs of symptoms will be asked to leave the premises and we will reschedule their appointments for when it is safe to do so. Temperature should be recorded on client’s record
  • We reserve the right to refuse treatment to any client we deem un-fit or unsafe.

You’ll be reminded of important clinic safety guidelines, including use of masks, social distancing and visitor policies. Then, you can head to the room for your appointment.

4.   During your appointment

You’ll get the comprehensive, thoughtful evaluation you need from your Total Health Now Clinic visit. At the same time, you can feel confident in extra steps to protect your well-being:

  • Our team will stay masked
  • We use air purifiers and humidifiers, on our clinic rooms.
  • Frequent and robust handwashing is our practice
  • Treatment is delivered efficiently and effectively while allowing physical distance when possible.
  • We use fresh couch roll for every client
  • Change towels (washed at 90 degrees) for each client
  • Rejuva & CACI clients always have their own personal pads and blanket
  • Colon Hydrotherapy specula always come in a sealed disinfected packaging.
  • Antibacterial wipes are being used at all times on equipment, door handles and surfaces.
  • We allow 15-30 minutes cleaning time after each client– to ensure clients are not present at the same time and for sterilising products to be effective
  • We will keep our personal belongings in a designated covered container that can be sterilised (to be used as a locker to keep coat, bags etc isolated)
  • We will use our own pen, only handle documents by our team, we will sign disclaimers on behalf of the client etc.
  • PPE currently to include disposable gloves (care with latex allergies), plastic apron, fluid-resistant mask. PPE requirements are subject to change.
  • Friends or family members cannot attend an appointment with you. They will be asked to stay outside.
  • Children and dogs are not allowed. We kindly ask that you arrange childcare before coming to an appointment.
  • Please check these guidelines regularly for any updates prior to making and coming for appointments.