Mr. Oxygen Oxyflush 900mg (120 capsules)


Mr. Oxygen Oxyflush 900mg (120 capsules)

What is OxyFlush? 
OxyFlush capsules are natural minerals bonded to oxygen and ozone through a proprietary process. The active oxygen species are released into your intestines and colon, and turn all waste materials and mucous into liquefied carbon dioxide and water which is then gently eliminated. Unlike most episodes of loose bowels, there is no accompanying muscle weakness or loss of electrolytes through de-hydrogenation. OxyFlush is widely regarded by health professionals to deliver the most thorough and gentle cleanse because it complements the body’s natural process of oxidative digestion.

Sluggish Colons 
Due to lack of oxygen, poor diet, and lack of exercise, our colons get sluggish and clogged. People rarely clean what they cannot see, but your life and health depend upon you being clean inside. Your inner lack of cleanliness is home to the most common assailants on your health due to accumulating toxins. For example, when you are behind a bus in traffic, the exhaust gets in your lungs, saliva, and sinus, and then you swallow, and that chemical soup is absorbed into your fluids and eventually leaches into your bloodstream. Same with your toxin-laden processed food grown on de-mineralized soils, and your chemical-laden city or well water.

The viruses and bacteria and other parasites hiding in you are all living in wet, low-oxygen conditions among piling up metabolic and environmental garbage, and are supposed to be chased out of your bloodstream by your immune system. But due to your lack of fresh environmental oxygen and they’re plugging you up, your immune system is failing. So more and more bugs and garbage are daily ending up stuffed in your brain, heart, joints, arteries, veins, tissues, fluids, and cells and covered up with mucous. They wait there, breeding, for the right moment to seize the opportunity to re-infect you big time.

Meanwhile, these conditions provide an ideal environment for the overgrowth of undesirable flora such as yeast. By using OxyFlush to release plenty of active oxygen right where it’s needed, we give the body the elements and tools needed to oxidize and eliminate this impacted garbage material, and the body can eradicate all support conditions used by the largest assailants to your health. After a while, they simply have nowhere to hide. They are all anaerobic. That’s a scientific fact meaning “they can’t exist in active oxygen.”

Colon Assimilation and Elimination 
OxyFlush is also vital to the operation of two very important gut functions – assimilation and elimination. The colon is approximately three to five feet long. The walls of it are reasonably smooth and elastic and it’s primarily an organ of elimination. If the colon membranes are filled with mucous and undigested material, the waste brought to it for elimination is impeded. Many health regimens involve the detoxification of the liver, kidneys, bloodstream, and lymph. However, if the insides of the colon cell walls do not receive enough oxygen and are therefore not clean, these systems do not have anywhere to empty, and the wastes simply start backing up in the blood and we feel bad.

The benefit of the MSM in OxyEarth is specifically designed to give the body the sulfur it needs to keep the cell nutrients and wastes properly free-flowing in and out through the membranes. The Active Oxygen released by OxyFlush is specifically designed to help the body scrub out toxins impacted in the intestinal and colon walls.

Usually during a detox, as wastes are leaving, a short temporary feeling of malaise or stiffness – known to be classic detoxification reactions or a healing crisis – may be experienced. This is a very good thing indicating the body is flushing unwanted long-stored toxins, and the supplements are giving the body enough raw materials to do what it has always wanted and tried to do, namely, clean itself out to keep itself healthy. Sometimes these episodes may be unpleasant but can be completely avoided by using enough OxyFlush prior to starting any detox regimen.

By cleaning out the colon with OxyFlush, one prevents exiting wastes from backing up, enabling detoxification regimens to proceed without impediment, and they can now be pursued more aggressively and effectively. Results vary, but dropping weight is logical.

By cleaning out the intestines you enable yourself to get the maximum benefit out of the food that you eat and the supplements that you take. It is also a wonderful way to relieve that lousy tired feeling one gets from absorbing poisons into the bloodstream through the intestines instead of nutrients. Results vary, but what we hear most often about is more energy, happiness, and lightness.

How To Use OxyFlush

OxyFlush is vegetable-based capsule with our concentrated powder inside them. It is pure natural oxygen and ozone bonded to magnesium. It is taken orally with water or other liquids. OxyFlush releases a tremendous amount of oxygen and ozone in the intestines and colon for the purpose of cleansing.

Typically, when a person first gets a bottle of OxyFlush, they will take one capsule per 50 pounds of weight two or three times a day for a week or two, or three for an initial cleanse, after which they reduce the amount and number of days as maintenance. We recommend taking it often, and knowing where the bathrooms are.

It is important to take OxyFlush on an empty stomach and wait an hour and a half before consuming anything. It is a very simple reaction between the hydrochloric acid in your stomach and the OxyFlush that releases the active oxygen and allows it to pass into your intestines and your colon and blood. Always drink lots of water when taking OxyFlush.

Health and Vitality 
OxyFlush is cathartic. That means it will help you to empty undesired materials from your intestines and your colon once they are reduced to carbon dioxide and water. One can expect copious, aqueous stools but should not experience a lot of gas as all reactions take place in solution. This is to be distinguished from diarrhoea where by diuretic action or microbial invasion the body purges itself of valuable fluids and there is a sense of urgency. With OxyFlush, you will have no sense of urgency – one more reason why it is the colon hygiene product of choice.

OxyFlush is used by many colon hydrotherapists as an adjunct to their colon irrigations or colonics because it allows them to clean the intestines as well as the colon. Just as it’s been said for centuries that death begins in the colon – let it be known that with proper colon hygiene one can expect health, vitality, and longevity.


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