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Light Centre , 9 Eccleston Street, London, SW1W 9LX

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London Natural Health Centre, 46 Theobalds Road, London, WC1X 8NW

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Discover + Eliminate the root of your problem

— Do you have health issues, food issues or intolerances?

— Are you just feeling not quite right but don’t know why?

— Would you like to feel more balanced in body, mind and spirit?

— Are you feeling fed up not knowing the root cause of your health problem?

Kinesiology is the practice of using testing to discover imbalances in the body and mind.

Our Kinesiology practitioners use the muscle testing process to identify health issues, emotions, food intolerances (including food sensitivities) and stresses within your body.

Often, the root cause of a problem could be a different issue to where your pain, discomfort or symptoms lie.  Total Health Now© blends knowledge of systematic kinesiology with brain formatting and laser, amongst other advanced kinesiology techniques and other tools, to deliver a unique and effective holistic approach to kinesiology.

About the treatment

Free 30 min Phone Consultation

Initial Treatment & Consultation 2h

Follow Up 1.5h

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Kinesiology may be useful for you if:

  • You are looking for the root cause of your health problems
  • You have neck, back or joint pain
  • You have food sensitivities
  • You have recently had weight loss or gain, or have IBS
  • You have headaches or migraines, frequent illnesses or infections
  • You’re tired all the time
  • You have depression or anxiety
  • You have fears and phobias
  • You have emotional or behavioural issues

Firstly, I ask you to complete a health questionnaire – this takes around 30 minutes and means I have a full view of your health situation, as well as talking through emotional issues and testing for beliefs about life and who you are.


Then I test a few muscles as a biofeedback mechanism to see which organs need support, and which emotional support or nutritional support you need.  During the testing I will explain what I am testing, and what I find.  For example, if your gut is irritated, I will ask how much wheat and dairy you eat.

This is a totally non-invasive process and involves lying on a bed fully clothed – just your shoes need to come off!   Sometimes I may need to rub some lymphatic points above your clothes.

At your appointment, the muscle in a selected part of your body will be lightly manipulated or tested to receive biofeedback. At times leg muscles will be used, so we recommend that you wear comfortable trousers.

After your first appointment, a treatment plan is tailored to your specific requirements. This may include detoxing, acupressure, firm reflex massage, flower remedies, nutritional support, emotional stress release techniques, suggested lifestyle changes and more. The exact treatment you receive depends entirely on the requirements of your body, determined by your body’s response to the muscle tests.

We would expect to see good results even from the first visit and major changes after three to four consultations.  Each session will provide you with new insights and awareness; empowering you to make positive changes in your life.

At Total Health Now©, you can be sure that, if required, we will design a programme for you which will help you achieve your goals.  This may include more kinesiology or other treatments, tools and techniques which will get you to where you want to be.  We are professional therapists and, as such, will recommend the treatments which will most benefit you.

“Kostas is a charming man with a very kind manner and allows you to feel at ease instantly. He explained everything to me as he went along and tested various parts of my body with ease and good understanding. With his help I was able to clarify some very interesting frustrations that I had been dealing with effortlessly and with incredible clarity! For that I am truly grateful. I would thoroughly recommend a kinesiology treatment and if you want knowledge, consideration and patience then Kostas is definitely the practitioner for you.”

– Jackie (Hertfordshire)

To find out more about kinesiology therapy, to book a course of treatments or find out about a bespoke programme tailored to your needs, please complete this short form and we will be in touch with you very soon.