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Buteyko breathing is a technique named after its developer, Dr Konstantin Buteyko. It focuses on reducing breathing volume and increasing carbon dioxide levels in the body. The method is based on the idea that many people breathe too much and exhale too much carbon dioxide, which can lead to various health problems.

The Buteyko breathing technique involves a series of exercises and principles that aim to restore balanced breathing patterns. The key principles include nasal breathing, reduced breathing volume, breath holds, and relaxation. Here’s a brief overview of these principles:

  1. Nasal breathing: Buteyko breathing emphasizes breathing through the nose rather than the mouth. Nasal breathing helps filter and warm the air and regulate the airflow.
  2. Reduced breathing volume: The technique promotes gentle, slow breathing, facilitating the importance of each breath. This helps maintain a higher level of carbon dioxide in the body, which can benefit overall health.
  3. Breath holds: Buteyko breathing incorporates controlled breath has after exhalation. These breaths are typically done briefly and gradually increase over time. They help to improve carbon dioxide tolerance and reduce the urge to breathe excessively.
  4. Relaxation: Relaxation techniques are often used in conjunction with Buteyko breathing. This includes releasing muscle tension, calming the mind, and practising mindfulness.

Buteyko breathing is a complementary therapy for asthma, allergies, anxiety, sleep apnea, and other respiratory or breathing-related disorders. It aims to improve symptoms and reduce reliance on medication by correcting breathing patterns.

It’s important to note that while many people have reported benefits from practising Buteyko breathing, it should not replace medical treatment or professional advice. If you’re interested in trying Buteyko breathing, it’s best to learn it from a qualified instructor who can guide you through the proper techniques and help tailor the practice to your needs.

Breathing retraining and Buteyko therapy programmes are designed to improve your overall health and breathing capacity.  Working with nutrition support, electropollution detoxing, emotional techniques and spiritual healing, my breathing retraining and Buteyko breathing therapy can help you achieve and maintain better mental health and sports performance.

Throughout your treatment, you’ll be taught habits to minimise your dysfunctional breathing; we’ll talk about nutrition so you eat food which nourishes you, and you’ll relearn how to sleep to support the prevention of breathing problems.  You’ll learn how to do wheeze-free exercise, will find out more about your blood pH level and how that affects your breathing, and how to breathe when you have a virus or while you have a panic attack.

To find out more about Breathing Retraining and Classical Buteyko Breathing, book a course, or learn about a bespoke programme tailored to your needs, please complete this short form, and we will contact you very soon.