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Light Centre , 9 Eccleston Street, London, SW1W 9LX

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London Natural Health Centre, 46 Theobalds Road, London, WC1X 8NW

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We’re so excited to announce that we won the Best Holistic Health Clinic 2022 in the Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022.
Total Health Now Clinic is a one-stop-shop for patients dealing with all manner of different, profound, and chronic health challenges. Its goal of making a positive change in the lives of the people who walk through its doors is something that it staunchly works to achieve for each of its patients, helping them to manage symptoms, investigate ailments, increase energy levels, and let them get back to their lives with vim and vigour. 
Headed up by husband-and-wife duo, Kostas and Lana Kapelas, the clinic boasts of a team of the best holistic and naturopathic experts, who strongly believe in the value of holistic health. 
As a friendly and front-running health clinic, Total Health Now Clinic delivers therapeutic treatments combined with holistic medicine as its primary goal. When it comes to serving its patients with the best in comprehensive, naturopathic, sensitive solutions, this clinic has set itself head and shoulders above the competition by implementing positive, actionable changes that allow clients to see tangible results. Nominally, it hopes to work with its clients to help them make transformative changes in their lives. Its holistic health professionals – including founders Kostas and Lana Kapelas – offer a range of health solutions to help achieve this, and work hard to be the knowledgeable and personable support system that aids them in the management of a range of complex issues. 
Whether the issue in question is weight loss, digestive issues, skin complexion changes, dwindling energy levels, migraines and headaches, or any number of other issues, Total Health Now Clinic provides everything from treatment consultations to coaching to help them make changes to improve their livelihoods. Critically, its educational and empathetic programmes both online and in person are tailored to fit the client in question, built to help them find the best way to improve health, increase energy, and recharge their zest for life, whether they are a private individual client or even a corporate group. Indeed, Total Health 
Now Clinic can provide its expert wellness solutions for corporate wellness, allowing employers to give their staff the chance to try something that might help them to improve their own health.  At Total Health Now Clinicit has worked with hundreds of clients to improve lives and livelihoods, seeing the notable difference that holistic healthcare can make. From reconciled symptoms to better sleep, its results and client treatment are both impeccable. Indeed, the unique combination of therapies and holistic medicines it provides sets it apart from the rest, and it encourages everyone interested in holistic health to get in touch, as it can provide preventative therapies as well as those that actively combat an existing issue. Its health MOT and RejuvaDetox+ have become incredibly popular over lockdown as a result, with complimentary consultations for all to talk a client through how it can help. 
Being based in central London, it enjoys a deeply flexible and expansive client base from all over the wider UK. With people from as far as Scotland travelling down to see its experts and receive holistic healthcare, and more still getting in touch remotely as and when it convenient, its client base is fundamentally worldwide, and it has served corporate professionals, celebrities, the general public, and all manner of other people from different walks of life. Insured, outgoing, and growing, it is now working on establishing an all-new holistic healing and retreat centre on a Greek Island in Greece and looks forward to this centre and its own expertise allowing it to serve many more people in the future.