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Our corporate wellness packages are the ideal solution for organisations looking to boost the health and wellbeing of their staff.

In line with the growing world of business ethics, many companies now hold regular ‘Corporate Wellbeing’ events that encourage their employees to take a greater role in their own health. Stress is the number one reason people visit their doctor and is a leading cause of absenteeism, but it can be managed much more effectively.

Every company culture is different, and over the last thirteen years, we have helped a wide range of companies put together a tailored plan for their directors’ and employees’ health and well-being requirements.

About Our Corporate Wellness Programmes

Our corporate wellness programmes are designed to support and encourage a holistic approach to employee wellbeing. These solutions cultivate healthy habits and improve health outcomes among employees, which in turn increases productivity, boosts employee engagement, and optimises human resource investments.

In modern society, people often operate with low levels of energy, and feeling exhausted has become the norm. This can significantly impact work performance and harm mental and physical health outside of work.

Our corporate wellness programmes are designed with a holistic approach. They aim to support your employees’ nutrition, mental wellbeing, energy levels, productivity, and stress levels and reduce stress levels. We aim to create a lasting impact that continues even after the program has finished.

As leaders in holistic health, we want to share our expertise so your team feels inspired and thrives daily.

Total Health Now offers a range of workshops and talks that concentrate on rebuilding health and recharging energy to improve the performance of your employees. We can also work with you to provide a bespoke presentation that suits your needs. Our standard selection of talks is as follows:

  • The Missing Link to Energy & Wellbeing
  • How to Overcome Insomnia & Sleep Problems
  • How to Master Stress & Live Happy
  • How to Boost your Immune System & Increase Employee Performance
  • How to Improve your Gut Health
  • How to Detox for Weight & Inch Loss
  • Tailor-made lectures on energy, focus, back pain, headaches and many more ailments
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