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I’ve been meaning to write this testimonial for Total Health Now Clinic’s RejuvaDetox + weight loss and gut reset programme since February 10th, when I finished it, but better late than never!

This is one for the ladies (& men) that have struggled to lose weight as they hit their mid to late forties and have tried all the other things; we all hear weight loss is ‘eat less, exercise more’, but many find it more complex as they get older and I certainly did so I’m sharing my experience here of working with
@Svetlana Kapelas from Total Health Now after a good couple of years of intense frustration – I had been stuck in this groove of not being able to shift weight no matter what I did – we all are likely to get more insulin resistant as we get older and then we can get stuck in a vicious cycle – all of the things I did previously to stay in shape completely ground to a halt, I worked with my old personal trainer and did all the things I did before – nothing to minimal effects. I exercised twice a day (HIIT & Hot Yoga) most days and stuck to 1300 calories a day (can be miserable) 80% of the time, tried IF but I’m already too adrenalised, and it made me more adrenalised, and it wouldn’t shift- my friends will testify to me wanging on about this and getting more and more frustrated

I always think if working harder doesn’t work then work smarter, if working smarter doesn’t work then you’ve got to work deeper.

So I decided to do a complete month cleanse (this was back in January) – it was a super anti-inflammatory programme, but so much more, I could eat up to 2500 calories a day (but only certain super healthy foods). I mean, I was getting through a large bottle of olive oil a week – and as Svetlana Kapelas kept telling me, ‘the more you eat, the more you lose’ – which was initially difficult to get my head around as I was used to the CICO method (calories in calories out – which did work before but completely stopped working in 2021)

It took discipline – that I didn’t know I had!

Now I always thought of myself as healthy; contrary to popular opinion, I only drink alcohol once or twice a week and only when I go out (admittedly, that didn’t use to be the case 3 years ago & prior when I would use the mildest inconvenience as an excuse to crack open the Blue Nun) and I don’t even like sugar or processed foods, and I exercised loads and eat 80% healthily (but not the kind of girl that’s going to eat like Victoria Beckham in a restaurant) however I had no idea I was continually spiking my insulin with my chronic 15 cups of tea (no sugar, but caffeine spikes insulin) a day habit & often eating wrong things that were wrecking my blood sugar stability

When I started the detox, I felt heavy and sluggish, I was in horrible pain with something the physio couldn’t sort out called Gluteal Tendinopathy (from over-exercising) that I’d had for 9 months (it had started to feel agonising when I walked upstairs which wasn’t exactly ideal because yes life contains stairs, the pain was so bad that when I went for a walk with my Mum on Boxing Day I terminated the walk in tears.

Now, I know there are lots of arguments about detox and how we don’t need to because we have detox organs yada yada but the World we live in is more toxic than ever – UPFs, EMF etc – our bodies are often chronically overloaded – I don’t believe we should blame everything on ‘age’ often our systems are struggling to cope with the sheer artificiality of everything now

I was also severely dehydrated from the tea drinking – and the more dehydrated you are the harder it is to lose weight

Within one day of the detox, my hip pain had decreased to 50%. By the end of the detox, it had completely disappeared, and 5 months later, there was zero traces of any pain.

By day 25 I had lost 9 pounds and 15 inches – this is after 3 years of battling intensely to only lose 3 at best

Throughout the lymphatic drainage sessions, which were 3 x a week, Svetlana Kapelas educated me comprehensively on blood sugar and the way of eating I would transition to following the detox (no point doing a massive full body cleanse then going back to Wotsits & Sunny Delight) which is the low GL way of eating

Which I’ve been doing since, which is easy and delicious and I don’t have to forensically count calories and go to bed hungry and wanting to murder someone

But I’m gonna add this in – one of the most amazing things about the detox and the subsequent transition to low GL is the impact on my MOOD! My emotional health has been robust for a good while anyway but I’m so, so much happier, theres far less ups and downs – I feel so much lighter and I can deal with really difficult things with so much more ease and less nervous system threat activation – there’s a real steadiness with a load more energy

And yes, I’ve reduced my tea or coffee intake to one in the morning—Svetlana Kapelas has special powers; she’s the only person who has ever been able to do that!

I’m not writing this to sell anything – I just know a lot of people struggle with weight gain and mood as we get older – so if that’s you then it’s well worth clearing out historical toxicity (hey I was a full-blown hardcore 90’s & Noughties raver) and looking at your blood sugar too – the more it goes up and down the more weight we retain and it’s a very addictive and unconscious cycle.

I’m super grateful to Total Health Now for their help in not only for the deep metabolic reset of the detox but also for showing me a sustainable way to eat that is nourishing, healthy delicious and not restrictive – I am continuing to steadily get down to my fighting weight on this plan and I’ve now lost over a stone since January which considering the scales wouldn’t really budge minimally apart from a couple of pounds feels like real progress.

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to lose your vitality, health, and lifeforce & in this increasingly insane World we live in the best defence we can have is building our Sovereignity Bubble – one of which the pillars is GREAT HEALTH!

Link to the Kickstarter plan I did in the comments (note they treat all health issues and are an amazing company who are fully committed to helping you live your vital and best life)