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Introducing our portable biofield enhancer with 5 RAH programs.

  • Ideal for everyday use at work, school, or while travelling!
  • It supports your body’s natural balance with a transfer value of 10.00, and the RAH programs 04.00, 20.00, 22.00, 24.00, and 26.00.
  • Our compact design fits conveniently in your pocket or any handbag.
  • It can be paired with our Necklace for comfortable wear around the neck.
  • Packaging crafted from biodegradable bioplastic (polylactide) for environmental sustainability.

Not long ago, the world was firmly in the grip of the pandemic, prompting us to explore which fundamental frequency values and RAH programs would benefit humans and animals most. After extensive testing, we introduced the Rayo®-Guard, which remains popular post-pandemic.

The Rayo®-Guard utilizes the fundamental frequency value 10.00 to transfer five energetic RAH programs to the organism:

  • RAH 04.00 Electrosmog
  • RAH 20.00 Bacteria
  • RAH 22.00 Viruses
  • RAH 24.00 Parasites
  • RAH 26.00 Fungi

With its compact size, the Rayo®-Guard is an ideal everyday companion at work, school, or during travel. It fits into almost any pocket or handbag, measuring 6 cm in diameter and weighing 53 g. For added convenience, it can be worn around the neck as a pendant with the optional necklace (art. no. 20356), available as a combined set (art. no. 20357).

For optimal results, carry the Rayo®-Guard close to the body for extended periods. Whether in your pocket or handbag or worn around the neck, ensure the writing faces outward to maximize stimulation with the RAH programs.

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