ViP®Chi Vitality Pendant


  • the ViP®Chi Vitality Pendant

    Something’s happening to our vital energy! For most of us, in short, it’s depleted – and the opportunities to restore depleted reserves are sadly limited. Environmental toxins, fall-out from smart technologies, stress and de-energised food, all take their toll on our store of vital energy, leaving us wondering how to bring more oomph to our busy days.


    Centering and Empowering
    At the heart of the ViP®Chi Vitality Pendant is a tiny gold plated rare earth magnet. Surrounding it, a mandala of fleur de lis design directed inwards towards the centre, helps you hold focus and retain personal power throughout the day. ViP®Chi (Vibrationally Imprinted pure light frequencies) stored in the magnetic disc are programmed to stimulate your vital energy and reactivate dormant reserves of Chi.


    Suggestion! Paired with an EMF Powerspot on your phone, this is a truely winning combination for optimising energy for improved vitality – at work, rest and play!


    Just 20mm in diameter, the Vitality Pendant is small and light to wear, yet adds a powerful boost to your batteries!


    Available in two lengths of Italian 925 silver chain –

    18″ (40cm) filed curb and 20″ (46cm) filed curb.

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