ViP® Shungite Room Harmonisers


ViP®Activated Shungite Desk Harmonisers

Desk Pyramid 30mm – £65

We’ve combined three powerful harmonising elements in this very Zen little Desk and Room Harmonisers.

  • The Power of the Pyramid – used by the ancient Egyptians and other high civilisations throughout history around the world, the Pyramid is used to harness, focus and transmit coherent frequencies for well-being.
  • Shungite – a ‘miracle’ stone, found only in Karelia in Russia. It’s believed to be hundreds of millions of years old. Shungite’s unique carbon molecular structure produces spherical ions called Fullerenes. The positive energy this formation produces is known to have wide-ranging healing properties.
  • ViP®Powerspots – the Shungite Pyramids carry three Vibrationally Imprinted Powersports in different combinations to activate the Shungite for increased potency. The addition of the Powerspots specifically directs a high-frequency focus for space clearing, increased vital resources and EMF optimisation.


Using your ViP®Activated Shungite Pyramid

With a ViP®Activated Shungite Room or Desk Harmoniser you’ll find it easy to create energetically optimised space wherever you go. Place your ViP® Activated Shungite Pyramid centrally in your room or on your desk, or if you prefer, you can intuit the position you choose to place the ViP®Pyramid. Supplied in a strong cube box, the Pyramid can transit safely with you when you travel. Ideal for use in hotel rooms, on car journeys and just about anywhere you can imagine. Use it anywhere you want to work or relax confidently in an energetically supportive environment.

The ViP®Powerspots


The 30mm ViP®Activated Shungite Desk Pyramid – sphere of action radius 2m (7ft approx), designed with the office environment in mind. The primary emphasis of the desk harmoniser is to harmonise the electromagnetic environment of the workspace via the action of the EMF Powerspot on the front face. Small but powerful, a ViP®Vitality Spot, placed at the apex of the pyramid, is programmed to optimise bio-field activity, and on the base, a small Space Powerspot, for the important grounding and space clearing.


The 50mm ViP®Activated Shungite Room Pyramid – sphere of action radius 6m (20ft approx), carries the Space Powerspot as the primary activation. Above this is the ViP®Vitality Spot, programmed to promote an increased supply of refreshing vital energy to the room. At the apex is a small EMF Powerspot to help to neutralise ambient EMF frequencies or ‘dirty electricity’ found in all environments with electrical supply to appliances of all kinds.


Larger Rooms and Whole Houses


The ViP® Activated Space Harmonising Pyramids can be used individually with several in combination to cover a larger space, an office or a whole house. These larger spaces can be treated by siting the Pyramids to form a grid of interacting resonance. Please contact us if you’d like to find out more about treating your space in this way.

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