The Orgone Zapper with .9999 fine silver electrodes


The Orgone Zapper with .9999 fine silver electrodes

  • Kills parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • Assist the body in toxin elimination

Battery: 9V PP3 due to royal mail restrictions we can not send the 9v battery with the zapper.

Pure silver on your skin!

All components are identical to the Orgone Zapper Standard, only that the electrodes are made from .9999 fine silver. This may have the added benefit of inducing traces of colloidal silver via the skin. Many users have also noted a positive vibrational quality of the silver.

Frequency: 15 Hz pulsed DC Battery: 9V PP3 Electrodes: Fine silver .9999 Removable Velcro Strap 2.5 mm micro socket for external devices Neodymium Magnet 10.3 x 3 mm Mobius coil, protected by boundary wire Orgonite block Amethyst crystal coiled into “tail” lead wire Garnet crystal coiled into “head” lead wire LED to show on/off status
The new El Silverado
Please note: Pure silver does easily oxidise on skin contact, especially with the effect of electrical current. This can cause black spots to appear on your skin. They are not easily removed with soap but disappear on their own after a few days. (silver salts) They are not harmful, but you may not like them for aesthetic reasons.
If you feel that this could be of concern to you, please chose the Orgone Zapper Standard

What is a Zapper?

The zapper is a simple but very effective electromedical device. It is based mainly on the lifelong research of Dr. Hulda R. Clark who has published her findings in the book “The Cure of all Diseases” and other subsequent books. Dr Clark like many other researchers has found that a weak current of pulsed DC kills parasites in the body. This includes all types of worms, bacteria, viruses and fungi as well as cancer cells and other pathogenic tissue. Here is an interesting connection to W. Reich”s findings that led him to believe that cancer cells were new parasitic organisms formed from the decaying biomass of de-energised tissue. Dr. Clark, a molecular biologist and natural healing practitioner, has studied parasites all her life and the zapper was only the last step in her evolving treatment philosophy. She arrived at the conclusion that practically all diseases are caused by either parasites or toxins. Toxins in our food, household chemicals and the environment are weakening the barrier of the colon against penetration by intestinal worms and other parasites.

Zapper instructions for use

The manufacturer recommends that you zap for at least half an hour daily for at least 6 weeks in a row. They have found no evidence that zapping much longer can be harmful, so we do recommend that you zap as long as you feel comfortable. Do however change the position of your orgone zapper from time to time in order to avoid burn marks or skin irritation.

Where to zap

You can zap at any part of the body and it will still affect the whole body positively. You can however get good results if you zap the affected body part directly. (topically) This has been reported particularly by clients who suffered from arthritis or joint pain. The elastic straps make it easy to wear the zapper on the arm or leg, even while doing other things like office work or light physical work. You do not have to sit there and hold 2 electrodes in your hand while being prevented from doing anything else. Our favourite spot for zapping is in the arch under the foot. I keep it there overnight whenever I feel a flu or other infection trying to overwhelm me. It works wonders for me because 2 good things come together here: The blood vessels are close under the skin while the skin is relatively hard and not easy to be irritated. Foot reflex zones get stimulated by the trickle current and the orgone field You will find your own favourite spot. Just know that it will work wherever you put it!

Zapper maintenance

The only maintenance your zapper really needs is an exchange of the battery from time to time. When your little LED light doesn’t flicker after switching the zapper on, the battery is most probably empty.
Your electrodes do react with your skin and the salts that are secreted when you perspire. After all, we are sending an electric current through a moist and salty medium. This will lead to a change in the surface of the electrode further away from the switch side of the zapper (the cathode) . This is not a reason to suspect anything is wrong with your zapper. It’s just doing it’s job.
As you continue zapping your toxin loads and acidity will most likely reduce. Your sweat will become a less aggressive medium and the zapper electrodes will miraculously “clear up” to a certain degree.

What is the difference between an orgone zapper and a “normal” Hulda Clark Zapper?
A normal Hulda Clark zapper is an entirely electrical device. depending on the philosophy of the manufacturer, it mostly has 2 handheld electrodes and operates at a higher frequency than ours. It has no orgone components. According to our own experience with our simple zappers (the ones without the orgonite and other healing elements), a normal Hulda Clark Zapper works well in eliminating parasites. This has been well established by Dr. Hulda R. Clark’s own research of course. The orgone zapper adds to this the healing power of orgone.
One could say in a simplified manner: The zapper cures – The orgone energy heals.
Sensitives have described the aura-enhancing effect of the zapper reaching its full strength after half an hour of zapping.


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