The greatest benefit of using a Scenar is that you take control of your own health.  You will be able to administer instant pain relief safely to any ache, pain injury or general stiffness wherever you are without the use of drugs.

    • Painful conditions
    • Lower-back pain
    • Headache
    • Tennis elbow
    • RSI
    • Stress
    • Sports injuries
    • Facial rejuvenation
A drug or course of drugs is often broad-based, acting on the whole body, whilst the Scenar delivers pain relief to a specific area. With no negative side-effects this space age technology represents the ultimate in non-invasive self treatment.
The Scenar is small and light enough to carry with you anywhere – your hand bag, rucksack, ski suit or compact first aid kit. So wherever pain or injury strikes you can treat yourself, friends or family instantly.
As well as providing pain relief, using your Scenar will jump-start your body’s natural defence mechanism and begin the healing process. So not only will you relieve the immediate pain you will also spend less time getting back to full fitness.
The Scenar works by sending neural like impulses along the nerve fibres of the Central Nervous System and as such a bio-feedback dialogue is established that allows the release of the bodies own internal pharmacy of bio-active compounds. Among the most powerful of these substances are neuro-peptides – widely regarded as the most important ‘compounds’ available for healing. The effect of this new stimlus and re-education of the body helps to explain the ‘immediate’ and ‘long-lasting’ effects of even one treatament and why the Scenar technology has been referred to as ‘Star Trek medicine’ and ‘The Dr Doolittle of the healing world’. For a technical explanation please click here or scroll down the page. Every time you use the Scenar you are helping the body progress along it’s path to a pain free and healthier existance. Every time you use your Scenar you are helping yourself achieve optimum health.
Unlike other devices that use electrical impulses the Scenar technology is revolutionary, with many estimates indicating that more than 50M dollars were invested in its production and development.  The device controls are simple. In just a few clicks the power and functions are set and the Scenar can be used.
For the majority of ‘new’ injuries, aches and pains, there are just two basic treatment types, as shown on the DVD – described by the manufacturer as “… definitely the best video instruction … that I have seen“. The third treatment, which concentrates on the back and face, can be carried out by a friend or relative and takes only minutes to learn.

It doesn’t matter whether your pain stops you getting out of bed or playing sport at the highest level  – The Scenar will put a smile back on your face !
“No more watching from the sidelines – The Scenar gets you back in the action”  John Sparrowe.
Scenars have CE certification and approval in Europe for Pain Relief. But as you can see from the various testimonials around the site, using a Scenar can have a much more dramatic effect. As part of our support programme you will receive regular updates showing how you achieve much more from your Scenar than just pain relief.


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