‘Quantum K’ resonators


‘Quantum K’ resonators

The ‘Quantum K’ experience is designed to offer deep and lasting healing from our old stresses and strains. In an ideal world, we would avoid incurring these imbalances in the first place and this ongoing protection is the purpose behind the QK resonators. They are little healing chips, individually made and programmed. Each one is made in a highly controlled and protected environment to ensure the purest transfer of the ‘Quantum K’ energy from healer to chip. For this reason they cannot be prepared in an automated factory process – the personal touch is both their strength and their protection.

Their primary function is to emit a permanent but gentle healing frequency. They are also programmed to mimic the Schumann resonance, the natural frequency of Planet Earth. This is essential to our balance but easily lost within the electromagnetic smog emitted by modern living.

By attaching one to the back of your watch, wrist band or item of jewellery, you allow its subtle electromagnetic field to remind your body of the frequency of natural balance. This can protect you from the negative emotions of those around you, as well as the environmental stresses of computers, artificial lighting, fridge freezers etc.

Each pack contains 3 resonators, with clear self-adhesive squares to secure them in place. There is one for your watch, one for your mobile phone and one perhaps to attach to your water filter or tap to help energetically balance your fluid intake.

The effects are subtle, but if you keep one close to your skin you will benefit from their healing frequency, gaining ongoing protection as well as support for the ‘Quantum K’ experience itself. At only £11 for a pack of three, they are an affordable and imaginative present for friends and family.


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