Powerspot EMF Optimiser (pack of 5)

Powerspot EMF Optimisers

Man-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs) cause environmental pollution. The powerspots are the perfect solution if you feel muzzy headed and stressed  around electronic devices. And, let’s face it, they’re everywhere! Attach the new 5G ViP®powerspot to your phone, router, tablet, PC or any of the smart devices you use. The powerspot makes EMFs more compatible with the human energy field. It’s coherent Vibrationally Imprinted® bioresonant frequencies activate instantly to optimise EMF radiation from your electronic equipment. We think you’ll be delighted at the difference!


Available in Single, Office and Family Packs, these options are great value, making it easier for you to optimise as many devices as you need. We recommend that you begin with a powerspot on your mobile/tablet as it’s close to you so much – then the broadband router. Follow up with a powerspot on your computer, the smart TV and so on. And of course, don’t forget the car!


Powerspots are supplied with a self adhesive coating. Peel off the protective backing and attach the powerspot to your device. For phones, it’s easy just to place the powerspot in the phone case behind the phone.

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