Mulberry Silk ViP® Eyemask


Gossamer soft ViP® encoded Mulberry Silk Eyemask with travel pouch - the ultimate in comfort for stress free relaxation, sleep, power naps, travel, meditation. 


Need to take a moment for a deep and relaxing break? Try a power nap with the ViP® Vibrationally Encoded Silk Eyemask. Layers of pure mulberry silk, inside and out, make this the most luxurious eyemask. Midnight blue on the front, with black reverse and silk inner wadding, effectively block out light and protect the eyes. With fully adjustable elastic strap, it’s so light you can’t even feel it on your face!


Programmed with naturally relaxing frequencies, this mask is your secret weapon for restorative relaxation at night or on the go. The discretely placed ViP® Vibrationally Imprinted beads stiched into the mask induce frequencies that help you still your mind and take your focus inwards. You’ll want to take it everywhere you go!


During sleep the ViP® Silk Mask keeps the eyes moisturised and light protected.


Recommended for travel, power naps, meditation, sleep, study and moments of inner peace.


Hand washable.

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