Inner Balance™ Sensor for iOS – Lightning Connector


The Inner Balance® Sensor For Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad) is an innovative approach to improving wellness and performance through monitoring of your heart rhythms and self-regulation of thoughts, feelings and physiology. For iPhones and iPads with lightning connectors only. This device will not function with iPhones/iPads using the old 30 pin connector.


Take Charge of how you feel!

Transform Stress – Boost Resilience – Empower Performance

  • An unparalleled window into your emotional wellbeing.
  • Real-time HRV feedback. Measure your heart rate variability and coherence level during live sessions.
  • Replenish your energy. Balance your emotions. Quiet an overactive mind.
  • Free online platform for users provides many extras. Track progress over time, keep journal notes, earn awards, use the daily practice plan and additional use tips. Get access to advanced training and get updates and notifications.

The Inner Balance Lightning Sensor for Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) is an innovative approach to improving wellness and performance through monitoring and self-regulation of thoughts, feelings and physiology. It helps you change your reaction to stress, gain insights in your shifting moods and create a more positive outlook on life. You can track your progress, journal your accomplishments, achieve awards and share your sessions with others.

Simply connect the Inner Balance directly into your Apple device’s lightning port (the same port you plug your charger into) and connect the ear clip to your ear lobe. Start a session and follow the breath pacer and the prompts to help you moderate your breathing, activate a positive, renewing emotion and restore your Inner Balance. The Inner Balance app will give you real-time feedback on your state and will help you learn how to create more coherence within your heart rhythms and nervous system. With practice you’ll get better and faster and you’ll really notice the difference in your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Research has shown that focusing on positive emotions like appreciation can greatly reduce the effects of stress, boost your resilience and deliver you to a more calm peaceful state.

Inner Balance Trainer Sensor: FAQs

How does it work?

The Inner Balance App uses an ear sensor to capture your Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Coherence data. Coherence is increased order and harmony in both our psychological (mental and emotional) and physiological (bodily) processes. Simply put it is an optimal state.

The data from the Inner Balance sensor and app gives highly accurate, in-the-moment readings of your heart rhythm patterns and displays how coherent or chaotic the rhythms are. You can use this data to practise increasing your coherence which in turn enables you to regulate your emotional state and to develop your mental, emotional and physical resilience. On screen prompts, scores and rewards help you to learn and improve.

Do I have to wear the ear sensor all of the time?

The sensor is designed to be worn when you are practising the HeartMath coherence techniques. You do not need to use the ear sensor if you want to make notes in the journal or to review your progress. The techniques you will learn can be used at any time, regardless of whether you’re wearing the sensor or not. In fact that is what practising on the Inner Balance is designed to do – enable you to achieve coherence whenever and wherever you need to, even under unexpected and very challenging circumstances.

You can also use the sensor when you are not consciously practising the techniques, for example when you are working, travelling, meeting with people or just relaxing at home. You can then review the data to see how coherent you were (or were not!) and to measure changes in your baseline coherence over time. Please note that the sensor is not designed to be used when exercising.

Does the Inner Balance app save my sessions? Can I delete sessions?

Your sessions will be automatically saved to both your device and also within the HeartCloud cloud-based platform (so long as you create a HeartCloud account). This means that you can easily track your progress and return to past sessions to add notes in your journal. You can also download sessions from HeartCloud onto other devices – useful if you get a new phone or tablet!

You can delete sessions by selecting a session on the Review page, and swiping to the left.

What is the difference between the Inner Balance and the emWave Pro?

The Inner Balance is a single user device designed to be used by all.

The emWave Pro and Pro Plus are comprehensive computer based systems designed for use by professionals such as Educators, Coaches and Health Practitioners. The system allows you to create multiple user profiles and to track the progress of each individual client. Tracking can also be achieved remotely (via the HeartCloud) if a client is also using one of the Inner Balance or emWave devices. Additionally, the system has several applications to help you learn to sustain coherence such as games and visualisers. The software can also be used in combination with the additional coherence games: Dual Drive and Tropical Heat.

The emWave Pro Plus also includes two HRV assessments – a one minute assessment of the range of vagally mediated HRV and a 2-99 minute assessment of HRV using standardised measures.


Technical requirements

Apple iOS V11 or newer.

The Inner Balance app is free of charge at the Apple App store. The app will only function with the Inner Balance Sensor.

Phone/Tablet not included.

12 month warranty against faults

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