High Conductivity Earthing /Grounding Single Sheet Single (exclusive to Total Health Now ltd)


High Conductivity Earthing/Grounding Sheet (exclusive to Total Health Now ltd)

Pictured is a dual purpose highly conductive body grounding sheet protected by the latest technology in reducing resistance whilst being perfectly safe to use. It goes under the sheet you sleep on which fully earths the body with as little as one square inch contact on above sheet. Any radiation coming from below whether from your own  EMF sources such as WI-FI or cordless phones or other peoples equipment will be reflected away thus protecting the body. Body grounding sheets normally cover about a third of the bed  as in the picture. Most people just want to be earthed, if however you feel you are being zapped from rising pulsed EMF fields below then you might want a large one to cover the whole bed. These grounding /radiation protection sheets are a different composition than most others. They are based on complete, durable stainless steel conductive thread to cotton bond. They have many excellent characters: high electron conductivity, static dissipating, microwave reflection and high thermal conductivity.  The earthing cloth can be washed and ironed as you would wash any heavy cotton linen material.

Place the body grounding sheet anywhere on the bed where there will be bare skin above such as your foot leg or arm.  Cover it up with the sheet you will be sleeping on.

Connect to earth by using the supplied grounding plug. The plug is not connected to your electricity, only the earth, so your electric socket can remain either switched on or off as it makes no difference.

To be fully grounded the area of contact above the sheet is about 1 square inch (3 square cm).  Therefore the sheet does not have to cover the entire bed.


King-size;             150 x 200 cm

Double:                 100 x 150 cm

Single:                   100 x 75 cm.

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