EMF Protection Package with Eye Mask



  1. Shungite Desk Pyramid – £45
  2. Shungite Room Harmonisers Pyramid – £65
  3. Activated Shungite Pendant – £45
  4. Powerspot EMF Optimisers x 5 dots – £60
  5. Mulberry Sill Eyemask

1. ViP® Shungite Desk and Room Pyramid Harmonisers

We’ve combined three powerful harmonising elements in these very Zen little desks and Room Harmonisers.

  • The Power of the Pyramid – used by the ancient Egyptians and other high civilisations throughout history around the world, the Pyramid is used to harness, focus and transmit coherent frequencies for wellbeing.
  • Shungite – a ‘miracle’ stone, found only in Karelia in Russia. It’s believed to be hundreds of millions of years old. Shungite’s unique carbon molecular structure produces spherical ions called Fullerenes. The positive energy this formation produces is known to have wide-ranging healing properties.
  • ViP®Powerspots – the Shungite Pyramids carry three Vibrationally Imprinted Powersports in different combinations to activate the Shungite for increased potency. The addition of the Powersports specifically directs a high-frequency focus for space clearing, increased vital resource and EMF optimisation.

Using your ViP®Activated Shungite Pyramid

With a ViP®Activated Shungite Room or Desk Harmoniser you’ll find it easy to create energetically optimised space wherever you go. Place your ViP® Activated Shungite Pyramid centrally in your room or on your desk, or if you prefer, you can intuit the position you choose to place the ViP®Pyramid. Supplied in a strong cube box, the Pyramid can transit safely with you when you travel. Ideal for use in hotel rooms, on car journeys and just about anywhere you can imagine. Use it anywhere you want to work or relax confidently in an energetically supportive environment.

2. ViP® Activated Shungite Pendant

Do you find yourself tiring easily, experiencing foggy thinking, with headaches and possibly background low-level anxiety? Anyone of these and other debilitating symptoms can be the body’s reaction to the invisible presence of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from mobile phone and broadband signals.

The ViP® Activated Shungite Personal Energy Pendant is a source of naturally high vibrational frequencies to supplement the body’s energy reserves. It’s designed to offset the effect of EMF exposure and infuse the biofield with new resilience.

The pendant combines shungite’s unique properties, believed to neutralise EMF frequencies, with three specific Vibrationally Imprinted® Powersports –

  • spot 1  – programmed to promote the healthy flow of vital energy   
  • spot 2 – the EMF Powerspot for optimising Wi-Fi and mobile signals  
  • spot 3 – clears and recalibrates disturbances from the environment

Pendant Cut out circle Pendant disc Pendant Drop

3. Powerspot EMF Optimisers x 5 dots

During these exceptional times, we’re making Powersports available at a greatly reduced price. It’s well documented with scientific research that Man-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs) adversely affect immune function. During social distancing measures, we will inevitably spend more time on our smart devices for entertainment and homeschooling/working from home.

The Powersports are the perfect solution if you feel muzzy headed and stressed around electronic devices. And, let’s face it, they’re everywhere! Attach the new 5G ViP®powerspot to your phone, router, tablet, PC or any of the smart devices you use. The powerspot makes EMFs more compatible with the human energy field. It’s coherent Vibrationally Imprinted® bioresonant frequencies activate instantly to optimise EMF radiation from your electronic equipment. We think you’ll be delighted at the difference!

Available in Single, Office and Family Packs, these options are great value, making it easier for you to optimise as many devices as you need. We recommend that you begin with a powerspot on your mobile/tablet as it’s close to you so much – then the broadband router. Follow up with a powerspot on your computer, the smart TV and so on. And of course, don’t forget the car!

Powerspots are supplied with a self adhesive coating. Peel off the protective backing and attach the powerspot to your device. For phones, it’s easy just to place the powerspot in the phone case behind the phone.

Mulberry Silk ViP® Eyemask

Need to take a moment for a deep and relaxing break? Try a power nap with the ViP® Vibrationally Encoded Silk Eyemask. Layers of pure mulberry silk, inside and out, make this the most luxurious eyemask. Midnight blue on the front, with black reverse and silk inner wadding, effectively block out light and protect the eyes. With fully adjustable elastic strap, it’s so light you can’t even feel it on your face!

Programmed with naturally relaxing frequencies, this mask is your secret weapon for restorative relaxation at night or on the go. The discretely placed ViP® Vibrationally Imprinted beads stiched into the mask induce frequencies that help you still your mind and take your focus inwards. You’ll want to take it everywhere you go!

During sleep the ViP® Silk Mask keeps the eyes moisturised and light protected.

Recommended for travel, power naps, meditation, sleep, study and moments of inner peace.

Hand washable.

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