Earthing Computer Mat 


Earthing Computer Mat 

Conductive grounding mat for earthing while sitting or standing, while at a desk, watching television, etc.

It can be used under your bare feet, or on a desk with your bare hands resting on it.

Ideal to be used as a mat under your computer keyboard and mouse, enabling you to be grounded as your hands or wrists rest on the mat while typing or using the mouse.

The mat is fairly soft and flexible so can also be used in bed, for example with your bare feet touching it.

Some area of bare skin should touch the mat in order for you to be grounded, although it will work to a lesser degree through thin fabric.

Measures 680mm x 250mm (27″ x 10″).  Made from a foam core with a conductive carbon coating.

Comes complete with a 4.6m (15ft) connection cord, and your choice of Earth connection.

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