Chlorella Pyrenoidosa (120 capsules)


Chlorella pyrenoidosa

A unique detox fresh water algae Nutrient-dense green algae that possesses unique nutritional properties, it helps maintain cholesterol levels that are already in normal range. This fresh water algae is widely distributed throughout the biosphere, it has been used in Japan since its culture became commercially and technically feasible in the early 60s. Chlorella is now Japans most popular food supplement with over 1,000 tons produced annually. It has been shown to have antiviral, wound-regenerating, immune-enhancing, and detoxification properties.
Japanese biochemists have also isolated an ill-defined water soluble extract of Chlorella (perhaps peptides) dubbed CGF or Chlorella Growth Factor. Studies in Japan have found CGF to have anti cancer effects in standard cancer rodent models.
Topical or oral administration of Chlorella has been found to be useful in the treatment of diabetic skin ulcers, pyorrhea, cervicitis, radiation burns, and pancreatitis. The mechanism by which chlorella speeds healing is under investigation, but it is hypothesized that cell wall polysaccharides stimulate interferon production, this in turn stimulates TNF (tumor necrosis factor) which activates fibroblast activity. This, along with inhibition of proteases released during inflammation results in a synergistic effect on the healing process.
Chlorellas also has a growing reputation as a dietary detoxification agent. Chlorellas detoxification capabilities have been extensively studied in Japan where it has been found to increase excretion of cadmium from people suffering from Itai-itai (cadmium poisoning). Chlorella is known to detoxify heavy metals such as cadmium, uranium and lead.

Dosage: One or more capsules per day with meals

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