Biocera Dechlorinating Showerhead with Replacement Filter


Biocera Dechlorinating Showerhead with Replacement Filter

The new Biocera Dechlorinating Showerhead removes chlorine from  shower water and energises the water.  Showering in chlorine free water is better for our skin and hair in particular and also our health in  general. Not only does the special ceramic balls remove chlorine but  they emit negative ions and kill any harmful pathogens.

Particularly beneficial for people suffering from skin complaints such as dermatitis and everyone sensitive to chlorine.

Contents Showerhead including chlorine removing cartridge, tourmaline cartridge and anti bacterial cartridge.
Life time of inside filter 4 ~ 6 months (easily and cheaply replaced).
Manufacturer Biocera Co., Ltd.


  1. Biocera Dechlorinating Showerhead changes tap water into clean and soft water.
  2. Biocera Dechorinating Showerhead filter removes chlorine.
  3. Removes floating matter such as rust and foreign substance.
  4. Ceramic balls inside kill harmful bacteria.
  5. Simple Installation
  6. Biocera Dechlorinating Showerhead is made with robust polycarbonate.


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