Introduction offer that includes:

– Free Lifetime Membership access to training  resources  (RRP £8 per month)

–  Optional  practice data-driven breathing coaching  to truly master your skills

–  Complimentary  call or video training on how to set up for success

–  All EU import taxes included

– Next-day UK delivery available at  checkout

The world’s first smart breathing trainer is getting smarter.

Increase your energy and improve your overall performance and well-being by respiratory muscle training with the new generation of Airofit PRO 2.0. Gain strength and flexibility in your breathing muscles, optimize your lung function and track your progression over time.

Airofit PRO 2.0 features and refinements:

bluetooth Bluetooth connectivity
 Advanced Lung Function Measurement (coming soon)
 Personalized training plan
 Improved guidance and feedback
 More accurate result tracking
 Detailed peer comparison
 Splash-resistant hardware
 Magnetic charging cable
 Long battery life (4-7 days)


1. Pick your training goal

Choose your breathing training focus area and select your specific training goal (e.g., better cycling performance, improved sleep).

2. Measure your lung performance

Begin your training by measuring your accessible lung capacity as well as inspiratory and expiratory strength. The result gives you a benchmark for your training progress.

3. Get a personalized program

Train with a program that’s tailored to your exact needs. All programs are developed by leading industry experts and based on your profile, goal and lung condition.

4. Begin your breath training journey

Set the resistance levels and begin your breathing training exercise. Follow the instructions and try to reach the highest compliance.

5. Track progress over time

The app shows your breathing score, tracking your improvements in accessible lung capacity and strength.

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