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Portable Biofield Former for 5G Environments

  • A trusted companion for a healthy lifestyle
  • Mobile solution to help the body cope with 5G radiation
  • Supported by studies: Positive influence on cellular processes with the fundamental frequency value 12.50
  • Easy to use day and night

Mini-Rayonex 5G Biofield Former

Since introducing the 5G mobile communications standard in 2019, its popularity has rapidly increased. This standard relies on “beamforming,” where the transmission beam from antennas is directed towards the user’s mobile phone.

The Mini-Rayonex 5G is our solution to the rising exposure to 5G radiation. We aimed to create a mobile device that helps the body cope with this radiation by integrating the fundamental frequency value of 12.50, positively affecting cellular processes. The Mini-Rayonex 5G includes this frequency, which is essential for those exposed to 5G networks.

Designed based on the proven principles of Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt, the Mini-Rayonex 5G is perfect for anyone pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Weighing just 130 grams, it is compact and light enough to fit in any pocket, making it easy to wear close to the body for continuous use. The elegant design is resistant to temperature fluctuations and moisture, easy to clean, and operates without a power supply. This eliminates the need to charge or change batteries and prevents exposure to electrosmog. The robust and durable Mini-Rayonex 5G is also highly sustainable.


Carry the Mini-Rayonex 5G comfortably close to your body, such as in your trouser pocket or handbag. Place the device flat with the label facing upwards near you or an animal no more than 2 meters away. Ideally, keep the biofield former close to the organism for as long as possible, such as on a bedside table, desk, office, or car.


The 5G-Rayonator is an excellent stationary device for home, office, or practice use, especially when combined with a Duplex IV.