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What is Geopathic Stress?

geopathic stress definition

Face this; when you are feeling stressed, you probably blame the outside circumstances or even other people’s behavior for your stress anxiety depression symptoms. But in most of the time you might overlook a significant factor. Yes, we are talking about the Geopathic Stress. For the uninitiated, Geopathic stress is typically caused by subterranean running water, underground plateaus or fault lines, which distort the natural vibrations of the earth. There is no secret that Electromagnetic Radiation affects our health, wellbeing and energy levels. These distortions cause harm to the living organisms.

How to tell if you are suffering from Geopathic Stress

  • Some plants love the ultimate effects of electromagnetic radiation and Geopathic Stress. These include ivy, mushrooms, mistletoe, bindweed, foxgloves, nettles, docks, and medicinal herbs. Fruit trees and many plants will suffer. Twisted or stunted growth and gaps in hedges may be clues.
  • Ants, bees, wasps, parasites, bacteria, viruses and compost heaps thrive.
  • Cats, owls, slugs and snails are attracted to Geopathic Stress. A cat’s favourite sleeping place (in the absence of an obvious place of warmth) is often on a Geopathic Stress line.
  • Lawns will often have bare patches, moss, silver weed and fungi, while vegetable gardens may have stunted growth.
  • Other clues include clutter, building deterioration (cracks in glass, brick and plasterwork). Electrical appliances may often breakdown. Food such as fruit and vegetables, cheese, jam and even photographic film will all spoil quickly when stored on a Geopathic Stress line.
  • Disputes with neighbours may be another problem which can be traced to a line of Geopathic Stress flowing from the aggressive neighbour to the victim. Geopathic Stress can make a house difficult to sell and haunting including poltergeist activity can often be associated with negative earth energies.

Needless to say, the sheer effects of electromagnetic radiation on human are bad so it’s time to be proactive. Use the above information as a base for some detective work. Look around your home and garden to see if you can find any tell tale signs. Think about the time you moved into your home, did you life, health or luck start to change?

We offer EMF/ Dirty Electricity and Geopathic Stress Survey for house or office needs!