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Racing thoughts don’t help you race in life, they rather deviate your focus.

Stop and calm do.

Try these steps to slow things down when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

???? Meditate. One study found that both seated meditation (zazen) and moving meditation (tai chi) helped people cope with stress.
? Try a mantra. Pick a short, empowering go-to phrase to repeat to yourself when thoughts are racing.
? Get some vitamin nature. Humans seem to have an innate attraction to nature that improves mood and reduces stress. Go outside where you can and soak in some sunshine.
????Exercise. Research says physical activity reduces anxiety, depression, and stress. Pick a physical activity that brings you joy.
? Write it out. A 2019 study made a connection between personal writing (like journaling), gaining perspective, and a better understanding of yourself and others. Try to capture a racing thought and pin it down on paper.
?Talk to someone. Talking to someone can be like giving yourself an off-ramp for some of those racing thoughts. Find a trusted friend (or therapist) who can listen without judging.
?Take a breath. Deep breathing can improve mood and lower stress, according to both self-reported evaluations of study participants and objective measures like heart rate and cortisol levels.
? Take naps. Lack of sleep or insomnia can make racing thoughts worse. Give your brain a less stimulating environment by adopting coffee naps, power naps, or stronger sleep habits.
? Stop doom scrolling online. Giving your brain more information to process is like telling it to go faster while adding more weight.

n order to feel your happiest ? and get back the energy and motivation you need to face life’s challenges, eating the right foods and making the best lifestyle choices are really important.

If you’re not sure where to start, take the first step today by booking your free 30-minute Health and Energy Review, so we can talk about your health concerns and I
can give you some energy-boosting strategies you can use straight away. If this sounds like what you need – link here.