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Wendy went to Total Health Now because she was desperate to lose weight. She had been stressed for a while and her body had taken the brunt of it. Her shape was out of control, her waistline had expanded along with the rest of my body, and she hated it! She also had menopausal problems.

Within a week of working with Lana and Kostas, everything started to change. In the first week, she could get into her old jeans that had been thrown in a cupboard two years earlier. By the fourth week of the RejuvaDetox programme of treatments and coaching, Wendy looked and felt amazing, and friends, family and acquaintances were commenting.  The old Wendy had returned!

Physically the RejuvaDetox+ programme was a success, mentally it was phenomenal.  She could at long last think clearly. Moreover, her new way of eating was so great that her husband and teenage son couldn’t get enough – they all eat wonderful and tasty food.  Wendy remained a client for over two years.

In Wendy’s words: “[The] excellent mentoring and personal care taken by Lana and Kostas is second to none, both during the programme but also afterwards … they are excellent and have completely changed my perspective on what I should eat – I will never look back.”

“I would not hesitate to recommend them, they are the weight loss gurus”, Wendy added.

– Wendy dos Santos