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London Natural Health Centre, 46 Theobalds Road, London, WC1X 8NW

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For many years, Lucy had taken Armour Thyroid and Liothyronine for a hypothyroid, and Cortisol for low adrenals levels. After discussing this with two medical doctors, including her endocrinologist, she gradually stopped all thyroid and steroid medicine. At the same time, she went to see Kostas.  He tested which supplements would best heal and support her.

The first stage of Lucy’s treatment with Kostas was to improve her breathing, which immediately helped her to sleep.  For the first time since childhood, she started waking up without feeling groggy and even more exhausted.

Thanks to this, she has more energy than ever now, and says: “I feel my thyroid gland coming back to life!”

Kostas muscle tested her for Nascent Iodine and it was positive. After treatment, Lucy felt her thyroid “opening up like a butterfly – a very gentle opening in my neck – hard to describe but powerful!”

As his approach is holistic, Kostas asked her how she was emotionally, as well as physically and internally.  As a result, he was able to heal her IBS.

Improving Lucy’s breathing technique greatly helped her health and well-being.  Lucy said that this has raised her fitness level, and she can run much further and faster.

Also, since buying a far infrared sauna, all her eczema has disappeared.

“All through the treatment, Kostas always provided constant support and information,” says Lucy. “My life has improved dramatically – and I have the energy to be a more productive dynamic human being…  and the results have been literally life-changing.”

– Lucy Phillips