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NS was feeling very depressed and was desperate to sort out the problems and change her life, so she decided to give it a go.

Time Line Therapy (TLT) was a life changing experience her. She had tried many different therapies over a ten-year period; although they had helped her to overcome her negativity and release the sadness in her heart, nothing was as effective as TLT.

“I was amazed at the results after the session, as we uncovered some deep-seated issues that I never even knew existed,” she said. It was not an easy journey for her and, from time to time, her subconscious mind tried to “sabotage the whole session” in order to protect her. It needed a lot of persuasion to allow her to remember and release all the negative events that had caused her sadness, grief, fear and anger throughout her life since, or even before, birth.

NS added: “I have been feeling amazing since the session; my whole outlook on life has changed, and I feel calm and relieved. The things that used to bother or upset me are not significant anymore; I can’t even recall most of them. I no longer feel burdened, sad, angry, upset and lost, like I did before my TLT session with Kostas. I can get on with my life with a positive outlook.”

She said that she would highly recommend Time Line Therapy and believed that everyone can benefit from it. TLT is a simple method with the possibility of achieving huge results.

“I would also recommend Kostas as an excellent practitioner for this type of therapy. He is very professional and, most importantly, he makes his clients feel comfortable. Kostas is very knowledgeable on Time Line Therapy, which means anyone can benefit from his practice.”

As part of the clinic’s emotional healing service, Kostas worked for over six months with this person. She also had nutritional coaching and detox clearing during the process.

-NS, London