Chocolate Cashew Butter Banana Dessert

This our recreation of the recipe, which we saw online recently we just made some adjustments to suit our taste and make it even more healthy! So far this is our number 1 desert of the month:)



3 bananas

1/3 cup cashew butter

1/2 cup of raw cacao paste/mass

1 T coconut oil


Cut bananas in small pieces. Divide your cashew butter. Spread the  cashew butter mixture over half of the banana slices.

Place the bananas in the freezer and freeze until firm.

When your bananas are all the way frozen, melt your cacao and coconut oil in a double boiler over low heat. (If you don’t have a double boiler, use a large skillet filled with some water and place a smaller pot inside the skillet on top of the water. Put your chocolate and oil in the smaller pot.) Stir until melted and smooth.

Dip each banana in the cacao and place on parchment paper. Place back in the freezer for a few minutes until chocolate is hardened and cold. Enjoy!

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