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We are able to provide a range of online  programmes similar to the ones that we provide in person at our clinic. However, once we assess your health needs we can tailor a bespoke programme in order to rebuild your health and recharge your energy.

The Ultimate Immune System Booster Programme

Online Course
  • Oxygenation exercises practice & techniques introduction
  • Breathing Habits - Breathing habits addressed, to minimise the loss of oxygen in the body's tissues. Techniques are taught to minimise dysfunctional breathing during: coughing, sighing, sneezing, laughter & speaking
  •  Nutrition - Nutrition is an essential feature of every regimen. Learners are taught to identify and acclimatise with the food habits that would otherwise interfere with their breathing.

Do It Yourself Detox (DIY) Programme

Online Course

Detoxification for Weight Loss, energy & Rejuvination at the comfort of Your Home.


28 Day Cellular Detox & Weight Loss Programme.

This programme is ideal for those who are looking to cleanse or detox, or facing mood imbalances, or health concerns, as well as those who simply wish to optimise the health of their digestive system.

You will BENEFIT from:

Flatter Stomach, More Energy, Initial Weight Loss & Better Skin.

Allergy & Food Intolerance Testing 

Online Course

Scientific, Replicable Test Results Revealing the Hidden Root Cause of Most Modern Health Problems.
— Is your body unhappy when you eat certain foods?
— Do you feel tired and bloated?
—  Do you think you have an allergy or intolerance?
— Would you like to start living symptom-free?

It’s time to feel good again. Order your Test today and find out which ingredients are making you feel out of sorts and which changes could be making you feel your best again.

The Health Creation Programme

Online Course

We think that health, not illness, should the norm. So we’re proud to introduce The Health Creation Programme – a positive approach to your wellbeing and health.

It can be very hard to change habits, behaviours and lifestyle, particularly if you’re unwell, vulnerable or just tired and overwhelmed.  But you don’t need to live, unhappily, in your comfort zone.

Self-care isn’t selfish!  Now you can move from passively depending on healthcare services to having a proactive, positive and responsible relationship with your own health.  It’s about health creation.  It’s about knowledge.  It’s about you knowing how to live in harmony with yourself, other people and the planet as a whole.  You are powerful and you can do this.

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