Miron Violetglass – Water Bottles x 3


Miron Violetglass – Water Bottles x 3

The secret of Miron Violet Glass is based on the fact that violet spectral range (720 – 770 Bio herz) permanently activates and energizes the molecular structure, and the healing energies of substances stored in the Miron Violet Glass doesn”t “escape”.

Package Includes:

  • Miron – 1 litre water bottle and screw top – 3 bottles

Ever since the beginning of glass production (app. 3,500 pre Christ) exclusively violet or golden containers/bottles have been used to preserve precious salves, oils, essences and alternative medicines. Today, thanks to science, we know that life (energy) is best preserved by Violet, which no other spectral range can compare. The violet glass is the ideal storage container for healing remedies, water, oils, wine and other substances that are sensitive to light.

The secret of MIRON Violetglass

Going back in the history of mankind, violet glass is already mentioned as being used by the early Egyptians. It is interesting to note, that these sophisticated Egyptians used violet or gold jars in order to preserve and protect their most precious substances (taken from nature) for long time storage. The secret of violet glass was to be ´´kept in the dark´´ for a long time however, as it was used less and less between this Egyptian era and our present day times. By the beginning of the 20th century, the glass was really only being used by pharmacists who stored their remedies in hand made, violet glass, bottles.

After many years of research, MIRON violetglass was developed for the protection and storage of high quality substances. By 1995, the company MIRON had started the first mechanical production of this special glass, bringing about the come-back of violet glass as a means of quality protection for valuable products. By 2005, many innovative companies, who highly value the conservation of Bio-energy in their products between the storage periods from production until consummation, had changed to this violet glass.


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