DeVita Ritm – 30


DeVita Ritm – 30

The electromagnetic device wellness «DeVitaRitm» is unique invention, which improves your mood, relieve stress and chronic fatigue. The device has 30 programs, which will help you and your close people to keep a terrific mood. Advantages of «DeVitaRitm»:

  • It helps to remove toxins from the body: combats fatigue, anxiety, irritability, weakness, sleep disturbances.
  • Improves overall condition of the body: a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, protect against vascular disease, regulates bowel function.
  • It is a useful device for studying: improve memory, concentration, condition of blood vessels, strengthens the immune system, alleviate eye fatigue.
  • Supports muscle tone, gives freshness and energy.

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The difference between the DEVITA RITM and the DEVITA AP, is that the RITM is for upregulating and balancing organ and physiological systems of the body, while the DEVITA AP is specifically for eradicating parasites, bacteria, fungi and viruses.

The ideal is to purchase both together – the DEVITA RITM may be used in the morning and the DEVITA AP at night, under the pillow. This way you will be eliminating microbes while helping to balance organ systems.

DeVita RITM Programmes

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