The Ultimate Immune System Booster Programme

The course covers theoretical and practical methods with added focus on nutrition, living standards, and health. Over 5 days for 2-hour sessions, intensive support, training materials and guidance will be provided throughout the course.


Oxygenation exercises practice & techniques introduction Breathing Habits - Breathing habits addressed, to minimise the loss of oxygen in the body's tissues. Techniques are taught to minimise dysfunctional breathing during: coughing, sighing, sneezing, laughter & speaking Nutrition - Nutrition is an essential feature of every regimen. Learners are taught to identify and acclimatise with the food habits that would otherwise interfere with their breathing.


Oxygenation exercises practice & techniques Sleeping/Rest - Sleeping is addressed in depth. Learners are taught special techniques for sleeping, which will prevent breathing problems during the night or in the morning. Using Oxygenation Techniques to Eliminate Immediate Symptoms - Learners will learn techniques that can be used to control, and eliminate attacks of shortness of breath, asthma, hyperventilation, wheezing, etc.


Oxygenation exercises practice & techniques Physical Exertion, Exercise, Sports - Strategies for WHEEZE-FREE-EXERCISE are taught, which take into account the learners breathing-conditions, with focus on building resistance and stamina. Understanding the Blood pH-level - Learners are taught the relationship between breathing and Blood pH (acid – alkaline balance) so they can fully understand how to cope with the physiological changes which can happen during the early stages of practicing Breathing Techniques.


Oxygenation exercises practice & techniques Cold & Flu without difficulty in breathing - Learners are taught how to be able to cope with viruses whilst safely being able to avoid excessive medication and steroids. Panic & Anxiety Elimination - Panic and anxiety are directly connected with dysfunctional breathing and by using the Respiratory Centre, sufferers are able to prevent and stop panic attacks, improve nervous tension, eliminate phobias, and learn to cope with stress by controlling breathing.


Oxygenation exercises practice & techniques Review & Plan for a Healthier Future - The final stage of the course, learners will have learned how to regain control over their Respiratory Centre and are provided a structured plan to maintain and improve their breathing patterns and oxygenation levels of the body's tissues.


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At Total Health Now Clinic, we offer a wide range of natural therapies practised by highly qualified and experienced practitioners whose dedication and passion contributes to a holistic approach to healing.

Your Course Instructor

Kostas Kapelas Mcs

Kostas is our Head Practitioner and co-founder of Total Health Now® and specialises in helping people to Rebuilt their Health and Recharge their Energy.

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