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The Importance of Skin Brushing



  • TIGHTENS Skin.
  • HELPS Digestion.
  • REMOVES Cellulite.
  • STIMULATES Circulation.
  • INCREASES Cell Renewal.
  • CLEANS Lymphatic System (vital for cleansing toxins from the body)
  • REMOVES Dead Skin Layers.
  • STRENGTHENS Immune System (clean lymph = better immunity)
  • IMPROVES Exchange between Cells.
  • STIMULATES the Glands, thus helping ALL of the
    Body Systems to perform at PEAK EFFICIENCY!

How To Do Skin Brushing

  1. Buy a NATURAL, NOT synthetic, bristle brush, since it does NOT SCRATCH the surface of your skin. Your skin will be able to withstand a harsh brush (do not worry) although do not brush over open skin or cuts or just after waxing or hair removal.
  2. Buy a brush with a LONG handle, so that you’re ABLE to get to the areas of your body, that are not easy to reach, when doing your own Skin Brushing.
  3. Skin Brush, before showering or bathing, at least ONCE per day, and TWICE, if possible.
  4. Do NOT wet your skin, since it will NOT have the SAME Effect, because this stretches your skin.
  5. Do LIGHTER Strokes over and around your breasts, but do NOT brush the nipples. Do not brush the face either as the skin is thinner.
  6. Brush each part of your Body several times VIGOROUSLY, COMPLETELY brushing your WHOLE body.
  7. Brush the soles of your feet FIRST, because the nerve endings there affect your WHOLE body, next Brush your ankles, calves, and thighs, then brush across your stomach and your buttocks and lastly brush your hands to your arms.
  8. ALWAYS skin brush towards the heart.
  9. Do circular counter-clockwise strokes on your abdomen.

10. Take a WARM bath or shower, which should always be followed by a COOL rinse at the end to INVIGORATE blood circulation and STIMULATE surface warmth.

11. Wash your brush every few weeks in water and allow it DRY (do not use the brush when the bristles are wet).

Directions For Skin Brushing



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Two key elements in our health and well-being

Our bodies function with the help of electrical impulses and when these are not working to an optimal degree, they will become dysfunctional and degenerate. For electricity to work it needs a positive flow, a negative flow and it needs to be grounded or earthed. When I think back to the days when we had to put a plug on all appliances and we had to make sure that the plug was earthed. It is no different for us. If we want things on any level to work well in our lives, we need a balance and we need to be earthed.

Health: earthingIn order to be grounded we need to put our attention on our base area and on our feet. The feet need to be flat on the grass/earth and without shoes. The rubber, plastic and man made materials in our shoes does block a great deal of the energy from passing through. At this time of year it is ideal to spend some time every day outside with bare feet flat on the grass and actively ground or clear any build up of energy.

If you or any member of your family is exposed to a great deal of technology or does not get out much or is suffering from mental health issues, I would recommend spending as much time in nature as possible. If this is not possible or not practical then the solution is to pump that resonance into your home environment as they had to do in space. Using Earthing Sleeping Sheet or Earthing Computer Mat drastically improves the star of welling and sleep in over 90% casses.

The bottom-line is simple, living in direct contact with the earth thus helps in grounding your body, induces favorable physiological and electrophysiological changes that promote optimum health and natural healthy lifestyle.

For our Grounding / Earthing product full range visit online health store here…

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Why to detox / cleanse your body?


People choose to cleanse for many reasons–to lose weight, to cleanse the liver of impurities, even for spiritual or religious reasons. Some cleansing plans allow you to only drink water, other fast, and juice / smoothie or take special supplement programme to support your body.

Cleansing and elimination is absolutely key for a healthy body. Outside of the naturopathic realm, many people see cleanses as something they decide to do a few times a year, when ideally it is more balanced to see cleansing as something the body does all the time. Try to live in a way where the body is getting rid of unwanted toxins EVERY DAY. The body actually wants to function like this!

Imagine treating your body like a freshly made bed. Each day you shake the bedding out to make it tidy again. Oxygen gets round, the blood flows better, your brain will function better, secretions and odours do not build up, your liver and kidneys empty themselves, you bowel gets rid of all of the waste, your skin looks bright, your hair shiny and strong.

Health: earthing

Why to Detox?

Human tissue laded with toxins cannot assimilate nutrients well or eliminate its own wastes efficiently. For example, tissue that needs repair; heals very slowly until toxins are removed.

Here are some signs of toxicity:

  • • Headaches / migraines
  • • Eye infections / itchy eyes
  • • Dark circles under eyes
  • • Infertility
  • • Menstrual problems / reproductive area problems / PMT
  • • Excessive mucus / catarrh
  • • inability to shake off colds / coughs
  • • Constant swollen glands – especially in throat
  • • Acne, skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis
  • • Body odour
  • • Bad breath
  • • Joint / muscle pain – e.g arthritis
  • • Sluggish metabolism
  • • Fatigue / exhaustion
  • • Nausea
  • • Strong reaction to alcohol
  • • Bloating
  • • Poor bowel movements / constipation
  • • Food intolerances
  • • Excessive cellulite
  • • Lumpy / painful breasts
  • • Water retention
  • • Mood swings, irritability, impatience
  • Low libido


From detoxification you can achieve:

  • Skin is clearer and smoother, hair and nails are stronger.
  • Excess mucous in the lungs and nose clear up.
  • You have more energy, flexibility and stamina.
  • You are more alert.
  • Weight loss, less cellulite and marks begin to fade.
  • Your moods become lighter and mood swings disappear.
  • You will sleep better and wake up ready for the day ahead.


The body protects us from these toxins by storing them in our body’s cells and in the thick rubbery goo called Mucoid Plaque. This coats the inside of our stomach, intestines and colon.

This mucoid plaque eventually stops us from absorbing our vital nutrients. Suffocating our digestive system and causing allergies, parasites, and bad bacteria to thrive and cause uncomfortable and embarrassing ailments.
These toxins can be the foods we ate that could not be digested at the time, to the pills and medicines that we have taken, pollution from the environment, chemicals in skin care and household cleaners.


But when we allow the body to be clear, de-toxified and energised then it looks like this:

dirty backet









Just as river life does not blossom or survive in contaminated and stagnant water.









First gentle steps to detoxing?

  • Hot and cold showers: The contrast of the hot and cold gets your blood moving – vital for excellent health, lymphatic function and releasing toxins.
  • Skin brushing: gets the lymph moving and helps to eliminate toxins. Work from the soles of the feet, in an upwards motion towards the heart.
  • Get a re-bounder and do 15 minutes mini jumping per day. This will kick start the lymphatic system, help with weight loss (if that is required), to move on excess toxins.
  • Take it easy with exercise as the body during detox / cleanse more energy to assist in elimination all the toxins…

 Check out our revolutionary cleanse detox 4 weeks programme here –!!RejuvaDetox!!

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How to Make a Herbal Syrup (for coughs, colds and general immunity)

A herbal syrup is simply a maceration, infusion, decoction or tincture where maple syrup, vegetable glycerine or honey has been added to give it a sweeter thicker taste and texture. This form is ideal for children. It is also perfect for making a sore throat or cough mixture where you want to coat the throat. This form is not suitable for diabetics.


Onion & Garlic Syrup (for coughs, colds and general immunity):

homemade cough syrup


  1. Add to food processor, blender or hand blend: raw – onions, garlic, horseradish, chilli and ginger root.
  2. Cover with vegetable glycerine, honey or maple syrup.
  3. Add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.
  4. Store in jar in the fridge and use by the spoon!



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A Quick Guide to Juicing for Families

This is a fun video of our almost daily juicing routine!

Many parents asks us on how to get children to drink green juice…..totalhealthnow-smoothies-300x300
The answer is -never forced it on them, but come with ideas & ways to make it more fun! and set an example – If a child see their mother or father drinking green juice and eating healthfully, this will greatly influence their dietary habits.

Create a fun name and let your kids help run the blender. Some of our kid tested and approved favorites that will have them drinking their greens. Making it fun can make it more exciting and appealing to drink. This is a great mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack for a great anti-oxidant hit. Making snacks bright and colourful is important to gain a range of micro-nutrients which is important for healthy cognitive function and immunity. Recipes can be made to your child taste…

A Quick Guide to Juicing for Families & Kids

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Health Benefits of Wheatgrass


Wheatgrass is full of goodness, it’s gluten-free and a wonderful source of vitamins A, B1 and B2, and minerals Iron, Copper, Phosphorus, Potassium, Zinc and Calcium.

Interesting facts… 

Additionally wheatgrass powder contains hundreds of enzymes, some of which are completely unique to wheatgrass. Per gram it also contains more protein than meat, fish, dairy, and pulses.

Adding Wheatgrass to your diet will contribute to your recommended daily fibre intake. 10g of Wheatgrass will provide you with about 4.7g of fibre.

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The Importance of Drinking Alkaline Water


Water is Mother Nature’s finest gift and without it, we cannot survive. Other liquid forms keep us from actually dying but pure water itself cannot be substituted if quality health is desired.

It’s common knowledge that most water sources are now polluted, but there is tremendous confusion about what kind of drinking water is the most health promoting, and what kind of home water treatment produces the best drinking water.

TYPES of WATER available to us…

  • Purified water: Water that is physically processed to remove impurities (e.g., distillation, deionization, reverse osmosis, carbon filtration, etc.)
  • Distilled water: Water that is boiled and evaporated away from its dissolved minerals, and then the vapor is condensed.
  • Bottled Water. This water is typically from a spring or has gone through reverse osmosis before it is bottled. However, some brands are simply bottled tap water that may or may not have gone through any additional filtering.
  • Alkaline water: Water that has been separated into alkaline and acid fractions using electrolysis, which takes advantage of the naturally occurring electric charges found in the magnesium and calcium ions; in the drinking water industry.
  • Deionized or demineralized water: Water in which the mineral ions (salts such as sodium, calcium, iron, copper, chloride and bromide) have been removed by exposing it to electrically charged resins that attract and bind to the salts.
  • Hard and soft water: Hard water is any water containing an appreciable quantity of dissolved minerals; soft water is treated water in which the only cation (positively charged ion) is sodium.

Source: Dr Mercola Blog


Today, too many people are choosing soda instead of pure water as their primary beverage, which puts their health at risk.


  • A cup of tea takes away about 1 cup of water.
  • A cup of coffee takes away about 2 cups of water.
  • 1 can of coke takes away around 28 glasses of water because the cola is so acidic, the body is trying to neutralise that.

WHY Water is good for you:

  •  Cleansing/hydrating.
  • Aids organ function.
  • Electrolytes need water (e.g potassium, calcium and magnesium transported in water).
  • Lubricates joints.
  • Hot water is better anti-inflammatory. So for treating kidneys (cystitis). Kidneys hate the cold.
  • Do not drink ice cold water, the body would have to use energy to heat it up. The best way to hydrate the body is to drink warm water. Body hydrates slower with cold or chilled water.
  • 75% of the body is water.
  • Water makes repair protein. Repair proteins needed to keep body intact e.g healing, illness, cosmetically. Water reduces the ageing process.
  • For nerve transmission, function. Regulating all functions within the body.
  • Transport mechanism – transported by water.
  • Helps control and regulate body temperature.
  • Helps get rid of waste.
  • Helps produce anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Water activates white blood cells so helps with immune system.
  • Still water helps to neutralise acid in the body. When the body is happily alkaline, it makes oxygen in the body = healthy body. Acidic cells = de-oxygenated. Toxins create acid in the body. Carbonated water makes acid in the body.
  • Water gives the body energy.
  • Liver needs water to work efficiently and alkalise body chemistry and produce bile.
  • Helps to break down mucus.
  • Softens cells, making them more permeable and able to receive vitamins and minerals.

 Panic attacks can be alleviated by drinking water. Its about getting oxygen into the body. Stress dehydrates the body. Water relaxes the body.

 Total Health Now  believes that drinking alkaline ionised water is beneficial for everyone!

alkaline water

Drink water 30 mins before a meal, as its helps with digestive enzymes. If one is de-hydrated then one cannot digest sufficiently and as mentioned before, digestion is key for increasing absorption of nutrients.

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9 Simple Steps to Healthy Lifestyle

Good health is something that’s important to us all. But how do we reach this elusive goal?

Our bodies are like a chain of independently linked organs and systems. Like a chain, our overall health is only as good as the weakest link. Our approach to natural health is really quite simple: firstly, find the weakest link and strengthen it before it snaps and, secondly, identify and support the rest of your body’s imbalances so that your body can heal itself from within.

Primarily, we recommend gradually changing your habits and start with few simple below steps on how to transform and accelerate your health….

THN - multifruit banner 250x250

1. Shop organic

Using organic products in the process of healing the body is essential. Reducing the toxic load in all forms is a primary aim. Yes, it is all about practicing a Complete Detoxification Programme  in order to reduce the load on one’s immune system and allowing it to activate the body’s own healing mechanism. It should go without saying, but eat less processed foods and more wholesome foods. This means reading the labels. The fewer ingredients the better, and if you see chemical additives, preservatives, artificial colours or flavours (usually represented by numbers) leave the product on the shelf.

2. Eat more superfoods and rely on detox diet menu

Of course superfoods  are a special category of foods found in nature. By definition, they are calorie sparse and nutrient dense, meaning that they pack a lot of punch for their weight as far as goodness goes. They are superior sources of anti-oxidants and essential nutrients – nutrients that we need but cannot make ourselves. Incorporating such nutrition for health into your daily diet makes perfect sense for optimal healthy lifestyle.

3. Drink and bath with clean alkalise water

Good hydration is vitally important if you are to enjoy optimum healthy lifestyle.  We believe that drinking alkaline ionised water is beneficial for everyone.

4. Protect yourself from electromagnetic fields (EMF) pollution and from the effects electromagnetic radiation

Each and every day, your body is exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMF). Cell phones, satellites, radio stations, hair dryers, microwaves, music players, computers, power grids, gaming consoles, and body-worn electronics are all sources of EMF and, over time, we are exposed to a vast amount of these signals. Protect yourself from the effects of electromagnetic radiation and  electro-smog by using EMF protection devices. These devices can help limit your body’s exposure to EMF and its associated risks. As a result, you may feel more energised, focused, or even have a greater sense of well-being.

5. Detoxify your body

Of course detoxing your body is important to remove unwanted toxins from the system. Face this, unwanted toxins in most of the cases interfere with the natural pathways of the brain and vital organs. Your body is programmed to get rid of wastes and toxins through any channel it can (bowel, sweat, tears, lungs, kidneys…), whenever it can.

6. Take Natural Supplements

Supplementing your diet with essential immune-boosting nutrients is an essential part of any healing program. Apart from supporting your weakest link, you go on a maintenance programme to ensure natural healthy lifestyle and also to make sure that  your health and vitality is constant.

7. Learn how to control your emotional responses

How do you deal with your challenges in life? Our physical, emotional and mental vitality are intrinsically linked…. 

“Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habit. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.” ― Lao Tzu

8. Use earthing / grounding

Earthing  or grounding refers to contact with the Earth’s surface electrons by walking barefoot outside or sitting, working or sleeping indoors connected to conductive systems, transferring the energy from the ground into the body. Emerging research supports that this may result in reduced pain, better sleep and less inflammation. The logical explanation for the reduction in inflammation is that the Earth’s negatively charged antioxidant electrons enter the body and neutralise positively-charged free radicals in the body.

9. Pay attention to your Breathing patterns

The average depth and volume of our breathing has a profound effect on the uptake of oxygen, metabolism and, in fact, all the major systems of the organism. Oxygen is an essential food for the organism; it does not regulate the breathing. The breathing is, in fact, regulated by carbon dioxide, and the sensitivity to it of the respiratory centre.

The perfect man breathes as if he does not breathe. – Lao Tzu

Focus on these few simple things, and watch your miraculous life unfold in unprecedented ways.

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Geopathic Stress and EMR Pollution and How it Effects your Health

The most important step towards a health living that none told you about?

If you have health concerns about overhead power lines, mobile phone masts or about the invisible EMFs of your electrical appliances, Geoptahic stress, dirty electricity and how safe is the place where you sleep,  then this may be for you….EMF & Geopathic Stress Survey 300x300

Are you suffering from geopathic stress and/or electromagnetic radiation (EMR pollution/ ‘electro smog’)?

This is an important question as they have been found to be contributing to many psychological conditions, headaches, dizziness, sleeplessness, fatigue, depression and even serious and long-term illnesses.

Our bodies operate according to very complex electrochemical processes. The environment in which we live these days is full of electromagnetic frequencies which can be harmful to our bodies. The effects of electromagnetic radiation and Geopathic stress lower the immune system and have been found to contribute to stress anxiety depression symptoms, serious and persistent illnesses and conditions such as cancer, ME/ fatigue, depression, difficulty conceiving, miscarriages,  insomnia, learning difficulties and psychological disorders.


Infertility rates are rising and many charities concerned with conception issues are now recommending that couples who have been trying for a baby should check their homes for both Geopathic,  electromagnetic stress and also for electromagnetic sensitivity symptoms.


DID YOU KNOW?: The UK’s Electromagnetic Radiation Research Trust recently launched a public education campaign urging men not to carry mobile phones in front pockets next to their testicles.

 What is geopathic stress?


Geopathic stress (GS) occures where the Earth’s electromagnetic field becomes distorted. The Earth resonates with an electromagnetic frequency of approximately 7.83 Hz – Schumann resonances (SR), which falls within the range of (alpha) human brainwaves. Underground streams, sewers, water pipes, electricity, tunnels and underground railways, mineral formations and geological faults distort the natural resonance of the Earth thus creating geopathic stress.

What is EMR (ElectroMagnetic Radiation)?

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) or sometimes called electrosmog or electrostress is generated by most electrical appliances, electrical cables, transformers, hair dryers, electrical shavers, microwaves, mobile masts, cordless telephones and mobile phones.

It is not easy to tell if the levels of electro smog around you are affecting you.  Your long-term health and well-being may be at risk. Electro smog given off by devices and appliances in your home or at your workplace could be harmful to your health.


What Are Electromagnetic Fields?


Electromagnetic fields (or sometimes called electrosmog or electrostress) are areas of energy that surround electronic devices. The World Health Organization (WHO) explains that the electric fields are created by differences in voltage and magnetic fields are created when the electric current flows. According to WHO, the effects of electromagnetic radiation are huge! The electromagnetic fields affect us because our human bodies have their own electric and biochemical responses (e.g., nervous system, digestion, brain function, heart function). So exposure to EMFs can interact with your body in adverse.


Where Do Electromagnetic Fields Come From?

Simply put, EMFs come from electricity:

  • In your home – DECT cordless phones, hairdryers, vacuums, refrigerators, microwave ovens, irons, televisions (the flat panel TVs are much better than the old box-style TVs), main ring and lighting circuits, dimmer switches, electric blankets, electric razors, electric toothbrushes, WiFi, etc.
  • In your office – computers, fluorescent or halogen lighting, fax machines, photocopiers, scanners, cell phones and WiFi.
  • Outside – power lines (high voltage cables either overhead or buried in the ground), transformers (the gray cylinders raised up on poles that look like trash cans), electrical substations, cell phone towers, cities that provide citywide wireless Internet (WiFi) and electromagnetic radiation from near neighbors’ electronic equipment.
  • Airplanes – Several airlines, such as AirTran, are introducing Wi-Fi on planes, for all of their flights. Did you know that Wi-Fi on planes (and on the ground) emits electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that can negatively affect people, especially those with low immunity?

Most of our modern-day conveniences emit EMFs, some stronger than others. So does this mean you have to go off the grid?

Not at all! But if you are serious about achieving and maintaining your best health, there are several steps you can take to minimize the effect EMFs and reduce the electrosensitivity symptoms on you and your family.

Few Informal Precautionary Guidelines

For EMF Protection

  • Reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation by increasing your distance
  • Limit exposure to microwave ovens radiation and even better remove it from your house altogether
  • If it doesn’t need to be turned on, switch it off (cell phones & Wi-Fi router). I-phones can be used on airplane mode. Instead of Wifi use Lan cable connection or simply use Powerline Adaptors which allows you to transfer the internet in every room through your house’s electricity circuit.
  • Use an air tube headset when possible, avoid Bluetooth or wired headset
  • When dialling out do not put your cell phone next to your ear until your correspondent has picked up the communication
  • When dialling out do not put your cell phone next to your ear until your correspondent has picked up the communication
  • Make sure you use your phone only in conditions of optimum reception
  • Do not allow children to use a cell phone for calling
  • Cordless land lines have the potential to emit EMFs as strong as six volts per meter. Not only are you in danger of over-exposure to EMFs while you are actively talking on the phone, but cordless phones are also able to release EMFs into your home even when they are simply sitting in the cradle. Regardless if your cordless phone is charging or not, it can unleash dangerous EMFs into your home without even being in use.
  • Avoid using/working with  laptops and  electronic devices on your laps
  • Mobile phone masts. Go to  and put your postcode in the box. Your street will come up with the location of all the near-by mobile phone masts marked as blue triangles

For Geopathic Stress Protection

  • Reposition Your Furniture. If your bed, your desk or your living room furniture (where you tend to spend a lot of time) happens to be in a geopathic stress area, you need to reposition it.

For Dirty Electricity Protection

  •  Change all CFLs to candescent or LED bulbs
  • Keep a good distance away from wiring and other sources of dirty electricity
  • Limit the use of “dirty electricity appliances”
  • Replace unsafe electrical devices with safer alternatives
  • Avoid electric under floor heating wherever possible
  •  Switch off/unplug any unused devices
  • Check your house’s wiring with an electrician if it has been over 10-15 years since the last time it was wired or checked especially the fuse board.

Total Health Now offers a range of EMR and  Geopathic stress protection tools & equipment check for more info. Total Health Now provides independent professional guidance on effective control of electromagnetic exposure. or

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6 facts you must know about Creating a Healthy Home


Natural healthy lifestyle has immense effect on your health and home. Needless to say, making your home healthier doesn’t have to be expensive, or overwhelming and just a few changes can improve the health of your home, everyone in it — and the planet it sits on. 

Some of these are easy fixes. Others challenge us to re-examine a lifetime of habits.

Check your house for common health risk factors, electromagnetic sensitivity symptoms and choose safer alternatives.

 1.        Reduce your exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)

There is hardly any secret that reducing the electrosensitivity symptom is the most challenging part of Creating Healthy Home….

So, what’s EMF? Each and every day, your body is exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMF). Cell phones, satellites, radio stations, hair dryers, microwaves, music players, computers, power grids, gaming consoles, and body-worn electronics are all sources of EMF and, over time, we are exposed to a vast amount of these signals. To protect yourself from electro-smog, use EMF protection devices, which can help limit your body’s exposure to EMF and to reduce the electromagnetic sensitivity symptoms as well as its associated risks. As a result, you may feel more energised, focused, or even have a greater sense of well-being.

 2.      Decrease your home for electric pollution

Electrical pollution, otherwise known as dirty electricity is a term used to describe a type of electrical phenomenon occurring worldwide. Electrical pollution is not something you can see, smell, taste, or touch. It is not something you can sense, making it difficult for one to be aware of the presence of electrical pollution. With this in mind, it is important to understand what causes electrical pollution and what to look for in your everyday environment and home.

Many people complain about a variety of side effects to dirty power, these can include headaches, ringing in the ears, trouble focusing, and a variety of other symptoms.
Electrical pollution can be controlled with special filters.

 3.      Protect your home from Geopathic Stress and from the effects of electromagnetic radiation

What is Geopathic Stress? Geopathic stress – or harmful earth rays – is natural radiation that rises up through the earth and is distorted by weak electromagnetic fields created by underground streams, certain mineral concentrations and fault lines. The wavelengths of the disturbed natural radiation can seriously affect our health, causing cancer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME), infertility and miscarriage. While we are asleep, our body should be resting so it can repair body cells, fight infections and absorb nutrients from food. However, if we sleep in an area affected by geopathic stress, our body has to use all its energy just to keep vital organs going. As a result, our immune system becomes weakened, which means that it doesn’t absorb nutrients or fight off infections effectively. We offer different equipment to help you to improve the areas in your house which are affected by geopathic stress or electro pollution. We also offer an independent assessment of your house/office.

 4.      Improve your Water Quality

If our municipal drinking water were pure, it would still contain chlorine and chlorine by-products. These chemicals have been associated with cardiac concerns as well as linked to increased risk for cancer of the bladder. But there is more than chlorine. There can be dissolved heavy metals in drinking water, from several potential sources, including older fixtures, plumbing pipes, and lead solder, as well as coming in from sources upstream of your home. There can be parasites and bacteria, even bacteria that live in rough areas of your own water pipes and which chlorine does not kill.

Good hydration is vitally important if we are to enjoy optimum health. We believe that drinking alkaline ionised water is beneficial for everyone.

 5.      Improve your indoor Air Quality

Most people spend as much as 90 percent of their time indoors.

But indoor air quality can be up to five times worse than outdoor air, which can have a very detrimental impact on your health.

Poor indoor air quality can cause or exacerbate:

  • Asthma, allergies, and other respiratory problems
  • Headaches
  • Eye and skin irritations
  • Sore throat, colds and flu
  • Memory loss, dizziness, fatigue and depression
  • Long-term effects from exposure to toxic airborne particles include heart disease, respiratory disease, reproductive disorders, sterility and even cancer.

Whether you want to eliminate impurities in the air (such as pollen, smoke and dust) or want to maintain optimum humidity levels in your home, there are various products to help you do this. Air purifiers can play an important role in improving the air quality in your home and office.

 6.      Use non-toxic cleaning products.

The conventional cleaning supplies under your sink — with their “warning” and “poison” labels — contain a potent mix of chemicals.

“If you’ve ever mopped with ammonia, you know how your lungs constrict,” says Lunder. “These chemicals have a very powerful effect on kids.

Look for “green” cleaners that don’t contain chlorine or ammonia. Choose ones that say “petroleum-free,” “biodegradable,” or “phosphate-free.”

Or make a cleaning products yourself.

Home-brew suggestions:

Use vinegar instead of bleach, baking soda to scrub your tiles, and hydrogen peroxide to remove stains.

Vinegar also removes grease and soap buildup.


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