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Konstantinos Kapelas


For many years, Konstantinos held senior positions in the Catering and Travel industries. Often working long hours under pressure, his health and well-being started to rapidly decline. Like many busy executives, he only recognized this when it had already become very serious.
At that point Konstantinos made a life-changing decision. He became determined not only make changes to improve his health and vitality, but also to leave behind the stresses of commercial management.
As a result, he began extensive research into health, vitality and focused on the best techniques and treatments available. By employing these wisely in his own life, he gradually transformed his health, vitality and also his emotional and personal well being.




This was the turning point for Konstantinos and he began to invest in the best professional training, in order to become qualified in those skills that had transformed his own health, vitality and life.


Today he is a qualified practitioner in several leading health skills and now helps others to achieve the same gains he has. This success was the foundation for the Kapelas Health & Vitality System™.


Konstantinos learned that no single treatment can claim to be a cure-all. With his personal experiences to support his findings, he recognized that a programme of action, tailored to the needs and circumstances of the individual, was the most effective approach.


The Kapelas System is a unique programme of health, healing and vitality.


It’s carefully developed by Konstantinos, based upon a combination of skills and a breadth of health modalities that are precisely balanced one with another but also tailored to each individual.


Konstantinos Kapelas has been where you are now; working long hours in a stressful career, in poor health, having relationship problems, gorging constantly on sweet treats for energy, feeling tired just to mention a few. Thus, combined with his professional health-care qualifications, he has both the experience and the skill to help you solve the health and lifestyle problems you face.


Lana Kapelas svetlana kapelas


Lana Kapelas is a wellness coach, supporter of breastfeeding mothers, co-founder of Total Health Now, and is successfully running the e-shop, which provides holistic health and vitality solutions.


Lana is a mother of two young children who enjoy excellent health. Sadly, this is not the case for many children. It is not a coincidence that hers enjoy great health the vast majority of the time, but by the application of specific strategies! Lana loves sharing these strategies with other parents and clients. She provides health and vitality coaching services, talks, workshops and retreats, specifically for parents and kids.




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