Healthy Cooking with Lana VIP Day

Do you dream of having a better body and a healthier lifestyle, but don’t know where to start?

There is no better way to start than enrolling for the Cooking with Lana VIP Day!

This is a unique, customised, rewarding day-long (six hours, approximately) course which is customised to meet your needs.

You will spend the day with natural chef and wellness coach Lana Kapelas in her kitchen - cooking, tasting and receiving nutritional advice on the food that should be in your cupboards to ensure that you can immediately benefit from your new healthy lifestyle!

This is an intensive, hands-on approach to acquiring the knowledge and skills you need for:

  • losing weight;
  • decreasing stomach fat;
  • reducing sugar cravings;
  • increasing energy levels; and
  • improving your digestion.
  • advice on lifestyle changes to improve your wellness;
  • a bag of goodies, including a DVD, to take away at the end.

Cooking with Lana VIP Day comprises:

  • hands-on cooking (5 recipes);
  • valuable nutritional advice;
  • recommended natural foods;
  • the preparation of a ‘shopping list’;
  • encouragement and advice on improving the contents of your food cupboards, fridge and freezer;
  • motivational and emotional coaching;
  • advice on lifestyle changes to improve your wellness;
  • a bag of goodies, including a DVD, to take away at the end.

You will also receive an hour-long follow-up session with Lana.

Contact Lana today – ring 0845 689 1231 – to book an initial consultation. 

If you do not live in London, nor within travelling distance, useful advice can be provided by telephone or Skype. Contact Lana for an informal chat on the best way forward.

Working with Families

IMG_1224 We can give you advice on improving diets, and make suggestions for healthier menus and recipes. If necessary, we will provide practical help, by visiting you and discussing the appropriateness of the foods in your cupboards, fridge and freezer. If you wish, we will also accompany you at the supermarket and advise on the food items that you put into the trolley.

Advice on your family’s diet


Nutrition is important to children, so that they can get more out of their lives. With a suitable diet, your son or daughter will be stronger and be able to think more clearly, leading to better achievements at school. It can help improve a child’s health, easing conditions such eczema and asthma, and help with his/her development. The nutrient requirements of children remain high from birth through to the age of 16. A qualified nutritionist can advise you on the types of food that children need, to boost their immunity, and help you to persuade youngsters to eat what is good for them. Although children are not always under their parents’ control, focusing on diet when you are able to do so will allow a little more flexibility at other times.

Teenagers sometimes have emotional and physical issues – ranging from eating disorders, to stress, to acne – and help is needed in order to you gain some control. A healthy attitude to food at that stage of their lives can make all the difference to their metabolism and their ability to concentrate and learn. It also influences their future health as an adult. A strong digestive and immune system can help prevent and heal skin conditions such as eczema, acne and psoriasis.

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