Healthy Cookery and Eating Class

Come and join our healthy cooking class and learn how quick and easy it is to make your very own delicious, healthy, easy and nourishing recipes.

Saturday, 8th October 2015 @10am-2pm

Healthy eating does not mean that you need to eliminate delicious, mouth-watering food. You will discover this by participating in a Total Health Now cookery class. The class will demonstrate that there is no single perfectly healthy diet; there are lots of approaches to healthy eating. What most healthy diets have in common are plenty of wholefoods, very little processed food and eating in moderation.

In Lana's Healthy Cooking Classes you’ll...

  • shown techniques for learning and adopting healthier eating patterns the easy way;
  • given info sheets and recipes that you can use again and again;
  • shown how to minimise your time in the kitchen and maximise great flavours;
  • shown how to cook with the seasons and make the most of local produce;
  • shown how to exploit short cuts and labour-saving equipment;
  • given straightforward, realistic healthy eating rules;
  • given strategies to aid weight loss, energy levels and general well-being;
  • advised on planning and shopping for a healthy diet, without breaking the bank;
  • shown methods of cooking that do not sacrifice flavour;
  • taught to prepare two breakfasts, two main courses, two healthy savoury snack options, two options of ‘naughty’ healthy desserts and four healthy hot/cold beverages;
  • taught skills to make healthy food which will truly nourish you from the inside out;
  • have the opportunity to taste over 20 dishes, and chat about keeping healthy and happy and how to implement them immediately to your personal life. (Please come hungry as you will be indulging all day!)

The classes are very informative – all dishes will be demonstrated to the class. The participants will then have the opportunity to taste the beautiful creations and chat about keeping healthy and happy!

The classes centre around helping people to eat healthy alkaline wholefoods that help the body to remain in an alkaline state, so that you can look and feel your best. This means that all of our food is free from wheat, lactose and refined sugar. All of your favourite dishes are prepared the healthy way – everything from pizzas to brownies, to chocolate mousse.

Classes are taught at your location or at Lana’s kitchen and guests leave with few raw chocolate treats. Your tutor brings all the ingredients needed for the class.

Unfortunately, we are not able to cater for those with nut allergies; if you have any other severe allergies, please get in touch before booking a place.


Healthy Cooking & Eating Workshop

About Lana..

Lana Kapelas is a wellness, detox & weight loss coach, supporter of breastfeeding mothers, co-founder of Total Health Now.

Lana is a mother of two young children who enjoy excellent health. Sadly, this is not the case for many children. It is not a coincidence that hers enjoy great health the vast majority of the time, but by the application of specific strategies! Lana loves sharing these strategies with other parents and clients. She provides health and vitality coaching services, talks, workshops and retreats, specifically for parents and kids. Lana is incredibly passionate about the impact of nutritious food for all individuals especially growing children and families.

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I highly recommend Lana's cooking class! I went there thinking I would have a nice day but actually it was great. I was not a cooking lover but since I decided to have a healthier lifestyle I understood that I needed to cook with healthy ingredients but I didn't know how. I would get recipes in the internet but most of the time the result wasn't good. I thought it was difficult and time consuming especially for me that appreciate easy and quick food but also tasty.
In Lana's cooking class I learned that actually it is easy and can be really fun. She taught us very practical and tasty recipes. Since having the class I have tried many of the recipes my family enjoyed all of the them and the best of all it's made with nutritional and healthy ingredients.
Another thing about Lana is that she teaches us how to change processed ingredients for other healthy ingredients like sugar, cooking oil, milk and many more. I benefited a lot from her knowledge and tips.
I must say that now I'm enjoying cooking and I am also creating my own recipes. I can't wait for the next cooking class!

Nina C., Dental Practice Manager