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Is Your Working Environment Costing Your Business Money?

DID YOU KNOW…..that almost 30 million working days are lost each year because of work related illness in the UK? (HSE 2007)

When you and your team are working hard, putting in long and stressful hours, you want everyone to perform at their best. People are often sick, unhappy and disengaged, decreasing their productivity and underperforming, when people suffer, your business suffers.

Health MOT

Total Health Now’s Health MOT is an effective way to determine your current overall well-being and provides the information needed for us to help you become fitter and healthier. This comprehensive three-hour health check will be carried out by a qualified health practitioner who can give you expert advice, guidance and support.

This health check uses the latest medical screening systems, comprising four medical devices. They take readings of your cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and nutritional health. In addition, they take other important measurements, including: heart rate variability, the effects of stress, your liver function, and hydration. Specialised software is used to produce, within seconds, a personalised report of your current health status, future health risks and diet/lifestyle recommendations.

The Health Mot Comprises:

  • Health Questionnaire

This is completed prior to the assessment and allows us to identify your current or potential health problems.

  • Vitamin D3 Test
  • Thermographic Intestinal Scan

This non-invasive system identifies the level of mucoid plaque in your intestinal and fat hardening level on your abdomen.

  • Full Body Composition Analysis

The percentages of fat, water and muscle in your body are measured and your metabolic age is determined.  Knowing the percentages can help us to give the most appropriate diet and lifestyle advice, as too much fat over muscle or too little water in the body can affect your health.

  • Stress Management Test

A test that identifies all the stressors in your life; stessors that deplete your energy. A BioFeedback sensor is used to scientifically monitor your emotional and physical health.

  • Oxygen Test

This identifies if you are hyperventilating and, if so, its impact on your health and how to deal with it.

  • Toxicity Test

To test for toxic heavy metals, pesticides, moulds, bacteria and cosmetic ingredients – all of which cause health issues.

  • Bioresonance Test

A health screening device that helps to identify imbalances within the body which may be adding stress - either physically or emotionally.  The results of the test are provided in a written report.

  • Lifestyle Analysis

At the end of the health assessment, we will discuss the results. Any potential health risks are explained, and appropriate diet and lifestyle advice is given.

  • Food Intolerance Testing using Kinesiology

At the end of the health assessment, we will discuss the results. Any potential health risks are explained, and appropriate diet and lifestyle advice is given.

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Follow-Up Health MOT

After your Health MOT, you will receive a full report of the health outcomes and support materials, enabling us to track your progress against agreed fitness and lifestyle goals. We will create a personalised programme for you, which guides you step-by-step to an ultimate state of better health by affirming all of the five areas of the Total Health Now© Wellness Programme:


Simply Amazing. I came out of my first session with Kostas feeling like a new woman. There was a different kind of energy within me. I felt lighter, more relaxed and yet stronger. Kostas also provided a wealth of information and tips on things I could implement straight away at home. Small changes that had a huge impact. Thank you so much!!

- Lola Tate      


I was very excited about my initial assessment with Kostas, someone who could help diagnose the root causes of many re-occurring and persistent problems.

I wasn't disappointed! Kostas is a marvelous holistic practitioner and motivator whose passion, commitment and dedication to his practice shines through.
He was able to get to the root of physical problems, offered me excellent practical and nutritional advice and was able to direct me to appropriate products that would support me on my journey back to health.

The most important thing. I felt empowered to make the changes. MANY THANKS!

- Sarah Peachock


Total Health Now Ltd is proud to serve

The “Peak Performance High Energy Drink” workshop was a very well organized event and every single detail was taken care off. The participants had a great team building and fun day and most importantly they have learnt about super foods and how to incorporate them into their daily life. Thank you very much.

Human Resources – Moorhouse Consulting


“In just over two months, my weight has dropped nearly half a stone, I’m sleeping better, cravings for those naughty things like beer, biscuits and coffee have diminished greatly, my energy level has at least doubled, I’m not bloated anymore and my headaches have diminished greatly. I haven’t needed any significant self discipline to stop eating badly. The treatments and dietary supplements used in Total Health Now Wellbeing Program simply give you the nutrients you need and as a result I’m not craving sugar or stimulants (coffee and tea). My family, friends and colleagues began to notice.”

Human Resources – Moorhouse Consulting


“I have had the pleasure of receiving Kostas’ guidance and taking advantage of his expertise as a health practitioner with great results for my well-being. Kostas has deep knowledge of his topic and loves his field of work. I have stayed in touch and continue to receive advice from Kostas regularly. I really think he is great at what he does and would recommend him without any hesitation to anybody!”

Ektoras Charalambides – Director at MSE Congress Plus


“The Health MOT by Total Health Now really works. My own health and energy have increased and I’m already seeing significant gains in my personal performance, which quickly translate into positive impact upon my business.”

David B. Robson – Director & Founder at David B Robson & Partners LLP

Who says living a healthy life full of energy and vitality is difficult?

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Nearly 80% of respondents to a survey believed that their overall health would improve if they were offered the right information and tools through a viable worksite health and wellness programme. (American Association of Occupational Health Nurses Inc)

It is estimated that individuals may spend up to 60% of their hours awake in their place of work. (Peersman, Harden and Oliver, 1998)

Therefore, for the majority of individuals, the workplace offers a significant potential setting for physical activity and healthy eating.


The average workplace absence is nine days per employee per year. (CIPD, 2006)

Absenteeism forces managers to deal with problems of morale, discipline, job dissatisfaction, job stress, team spirit, productivity, turnover, production quality, additional administration, and overheads. To summarise: You don’t have an absentee problem – you have a profit problem. (Attacking Absenteeism; Lynn Tylczak, 1990)

Back pain

Back pain is the leading cause of sickness absence from work in the UK, affecting 1.1 million people. (Office for National Statistics, 1998)

The overall cost of back pain and musculo-skeletal disorders to industry in Great Britain has been estimated at £5 billion a year, with over 119 million working days lost each year. (DSS Analytical Services Division, 1999)


Stress-related illness costs UK employers between £3.75 billion and £7 billion per year. (HSE, 1995; CBI, 2001)

An estimated 13.4 million days were lost in 2001/02 through stress, depression or anxiety caused or made worse by work. This equates to an average of 29.2 days off work per sufferer, per year. (HSE, 2004)