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Our Practitioners....

Elena Deker has six years experience as a colon hydrotherapist caring for over a thousand clients across the UK. She has worked in healthcare all her life, including 3 years as a colon hydrotherapis therapist.

Elena's main area of interest is in the relationship between the gut and the mind and the effects that stress can have on our bowel function. She is not only a fully trained colon hydrotherapist but has also a massage therapist and all clients can benefit from her excellent holistic skills.

She believes in the power of simple diet and lifestyle changes to improve our health and wellbeing.

Like most holistic practitioners, Andrea started her path to naturopathy due to her own health issues; obesity and eczema. Andrea tried many diets and even started to run 5Ks, but nothing really helped. After extensive research she implemented a very simple method: cleansing her body’s accumulated toxins with colonic irrigation and replacing nutrient deficiency through juice therapy. Andrea also started to focus on lasting lifestyle changes.
Her belief is that disease is caused by either “Toxicity” and/or “Deficiency”. That is why colonic irrigation and juice therapy go hand in hand: by removing toxicity and replacing nutrient deficiency with the help of freshly extracted fruit and vegetable juices; pure whole foods; clean water a vast majority of modern diseases will improve dramatically.
The results of these simple steps were astonishing: not only did her eczema disappear, she also lost 2.5 stones. Her energy level increased, and she got her self-esteem back. This turned into a passion and she could not stop anymore. Andrea soon became a Certified Colonic Hydro- Therapist through Dotolo Europe Her passion is to help others achieve similar results.