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Why is Colon  Hydrotherapy  Beneficial?

The indigestible portion of the food you eat lodges in the large intestine and stays there until eliminated in a bowel movement. Infrequent movements or constipation can lead to partial decomposition of these waste substances, which encrust the colon and further hinder elimination.

These toxins in the waste substances are reabsorbed into the bloodstream, lowering the body's defence against bacteria and viruses. The body strains to fight against the poisons, and if the effort is too great, various organs or even whole systems can break down.

Colon hydrotherapy helps to restore the normal balance of the digestive system, by:

  • Gently cleansing the colon of the harmful waste matter and associated toxins, and enabling the colon to function correctly
  • Exercising the colon and improving peristalsis. (The build - up of toxic debris weakens the colon mus cles and impairs the way they work)
  • Reshaping the colon. (Abnormal conditions inside the colon tend to alter its shape, which can cause problems)
  • Eliminating bulging pockets of waste and narrowed, spastic constrictions. (The gentle action of the water, coupled with the massage techniques of the therapist, enable the colon to resume its natural state)
  • Stimulating reflex points, to the benefit of corresponding body parts. (The colon connects to every system and organ of the body via reflex points)

Other Benefits:

• Higher energy levels

• Assists the efficiency of the

• Cardiovascular and circulatory system

• Raised levels of the functioning of the whole body

• Hastens healing processes in the body

• Improves complexion and hair

• Increased

circulation and elimination

• Improved sleep

• Calming effect on the nervous system

• Elimination of toxins

• Helps to tone the colon

• Hydrates the colon

What are the symptoms inadequate elimination?

Apart from infrequent bowel movements or constipation, early indications of this war against waste may include sallow skin, nervous irritability, coated tongue, bad breath, offensive body odour, headaches, bloating, poor appetite, indigestion, and stomach heaviness.

Is it beneficial for men?

Certainly. You may be surprised to learn that about 40% of our clients are men, including a number of professional sportsmen. Men come to us for many of the same reasons that women do – they may want a detox, a kick - start to a healthy eating regime, or a pre- season tune up. Or they may have problems with bloating, their bowels in general, or their skin.

Are there any after-effects?

Colon hydrotherapy has a profound cleansing effect on the body. You may experience a strong feel good - factor afterwards, and wish to significantly increase your normal physical exercise levels. We advise caution I]if you have had habitual constipation or irritable bowel syndrome, for a while, tiredness may be experienced for a couple of days after the first session. The irrigation stirs up toxins, and in some cases this may cause nausea, dizziness or nervousness. Usually, this indicates that the body is continuing detoxification processes that were started by the treatment. But many people do not experience these symptoms.