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Before a Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment

Prior to your treatment, we request that you:

  • Drink plenty of water (drink at least eight glasses of water a day leading up to your treatment; if you can, add Liquid Chlorophyll to three glasses a day as this will assist your hydration levels
  • Avoid fizzy drinks and alcohol leading up to treatment;
  • On the day of your treatment, avoid heavy meals.

How Will I Feel?

Everyone is different; however, you should notice a difference straightaway. For many, the first treatment will show up dramatic results. The first treatments aim is to re-hydrate you and begin the process of breaking down the impacted and old waste that has built up in your colon. After several treatments with the assistance of the gentle bathing of the warm water combined with the abdominal massage, you will notice that your colon will be cleansed more and more effectively.

What will happen during treatment?

Your treatment will start with a thorough consultation with one of our trained health practitioners. They will discuss your aims, concerns and health history. Once you have been talked through the process, your therapist will leave the room to allow you to change into the provided gown and paper underwear.

When you are ready, your therapist will re-enter your room. You will be asked to lie comfortably on your side, on the bed. When you are at ease, the therapist will insert a small lubricated speculum into your bowel via the rectum. We assure you that this is not painful and takes only a few seconds to do; many have commented that it was barely noticeable. The speculum is attached with a tube to the hydrotherapy machine. As already mentioned, the temperature controlled filtered water will start to enter the colon at a safe and controlled rate. Your therapist will check with you that the temperature is comfortable and will inform you if they need to change the temperature slightly to encourage the impacted matter to dislodge. You will feel something during this process, but it will not cause you any pain. The peristalsis action, which will feel like a wave of mild muscle contractions, will gently start and faecal matter will start to expel through the transparent tube, of which your therapist will monitor the contents. It will be collected hygienically with no foul oders. At the same time, your therapist will massage your abdomen to aid the process. Please note that we use disposable and hygienically prepared gowns and equipment, to ensure 100% cleanliness and sterility.