Did you know that poor breathing is directly related to most of the chronic health problems?

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Reduce Stress & Anxious Feelings, Increase your Health & Energy Levels by Learning this Amazing Breathing Method

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    Poor breathing results in:


    • Stress & Anxiety
    • Struggling with Exercise
    • Low Energy & Brain Fog
    • Irritability & Poor Sleep
    • Weight Gain & Food Cravings
    • Headaches & Migraines
    • and over 200 Chronic Health Problems

    By retraining your breathing you can improve your overall health and breathing capacity.


    • Improved Overall Health
    • More Clarity and Focus
    • More Energy & Vitality
    • Better Sleep
    • Easy Gentle Breathing
    • Less Food Cravings
    • Stronger Immune System
    • Improved Physical Performance
    • Feeling of Calm and Wellbeing
    • Improved Breathing Capacity

    The 5-day Breathing Programme that will change your life

    Breathing Retraining exercises are designed to improve your overall health and breathing capacity and significantly benefits people with:

    • All types and degrees of severity of asthma, other respiratory disorders such as emphysema and sinusitis, migaines, hyperventilation syndrome or panic attacks and for conditions such as sleep apnoea and snoring.
    • Also to reduce symptoms associated with chronic fatigue, syndrome/ ME.
    • It is very beneficial for people wishing to improve their mental health, meditation, sports performance or breathing generally.

    Our breathing re-training course is suitable for children and adults of any age.

    BRIGITTE PHOTOThe Breathing Re-training Course made an immediate impact on my life. I've always had trouble falling asleep at night, and for several weeks leading up to the course I had many nights of insomnia. After only three days into the course, I was falling asleep immediately and sleeping through the night. This alone has greatly improved my quality of life!
    Also, after about three weeks of (imperfectly) following the breathing exercise recommendations, my cell tissues oxygenation doubled and reached the “safe zone” according to an easy to follow breathing test. Once this happened, I had a noticeable improvement in my chronic digestive issues, and I was able to decrease the amount of supplements taken at each meal. During the re-training, I experienced several cleansing reactions due to some other chronic issues, and had it not been for the daily and then weekly support, I probably would have given up the exercises and not worked through them.
    Another benefit of the group course is that I learned a lot by hearing other people's questions and experiences with the exercises. I have to say, too, that the weekly follow-up meetings were invaluable to me. They helped me stay on course as I developed new breathing habits, and Kostas addressed the questions and new experiences that came up, giving me very helpful, personalized suggestions.
    Overall, I learned a lot during this course and had a very positive experience. I came out with some immediate results as well as the tools I need to improve my health in the long-term. Kostas' positive energy is contagious, and it is clear that he really wants to help people through this class and not just sell himself or some products, as is so prevalent with online classes you'll find elsewhere.
    - Brigitte T.

    Breathing Retraining Course

    Join our online course and develop your skills so that you can reverse numerous symptoms and dramatically improve your health, well-being and energy levels.

    The course covers theoretical and practical methods with added focus on nutrition, living standards, and health. Over 5 days for 2-hour sessions, intensive support, training materials and guidance will be provided throughout the course.

    DAY ONE:

    • Breathing exercises practice & techniques introduction
    • Breathing Habits - Breathing habits addressed, to minimise dysfunctional breathing.  Techniques are taught to minimise dysfunctional breathing during: coughing, sighing, sneezing, laughter & speaking
    •  Nutrition - Nutrition is an essential feature of every regimen. Learners are taught to identify and acclimatise with the food habits that would otherwise interfere with their breathing.

    DAY TWO:

    • Breathing exercises practice & techniques
    •  Sleeping/Rest - Sleeping is addressed in depth.  Learners are taught special techniques for sleeping, which will prevent breathing problems during the night or in the morning.
    • Using Breathing Retraining to Eliminate Immediate Symptoms - Learners will learn techniques that can be used to control, and eliminate attacks of shortness of breath, asthma, hyperventilation, wheezing, etc.


    • Breathing exercises practice & techniques
    • Physical Exertion, Exercise, Sports - Strategies for WHEEZE-FREE-EXERCISE are taught, which take into account the learners breathing-conditions, with focus on building resistance and stamina.
    • Understanding the Blood pH-level - Learners are taught the relationship between breathing and Blood pH (acid – alkaline balance) so they can fully understand how to cope with the physiological changes which can happen during the early stages of practicing Breathing Techniques.


    • Breathing exercises practice & techniques
    • Cold & Flu without difficulty in breathing - Learners are taught how to be able to cope with viruses whilst safely being able to avoid excessive medication and steroids.
    • Panic & Anxiety Elimination - Panic and anxiety are directly connected with dysfunctional breathing and by using the Breathing Retraining Techniques, sufferers are able to prevent and stop panic attacks, improve nervous tension, eliminate phobias, and learn to cope with stress by controlling breathing.


    • Breathing exercises practice & techniques
    • Review & Plan for a Healthier Future - The final stage of the course, learners will have learned how to regain control over their breathing and are provided a structured plan to maintain and improve their breathing patterns.

    Q & A Class:

    A follow up Group Coaching Sessions to help you with your practice & improve your Health further.


    Ektoras-150x150“After my basic training  on breathing retraining and a month of supervision, I have stopped  taken my asthma medication which I have started only  a few months ago. In addition to that my general well being has been improved – i perform better at sports, I feel healthier and I have more mental clarity. I have also learnt how to make better food choices as well as which supplements are  best for my health and  why .

    I would recommend the Total Health Now  without any hesitation for everyone irrelevant their age or state of health.”

    - Ektoras Charalambides, Director at MSE Congress Plus


    WARNING: This requires commitment and hard work!

    • It is not about abdicating responsibility for your success to someone else
    • It is not about me doing the work for you
    • It is not for people who like to try out the latest new fad
    • It is not a cheap magic or placebo pill
    • You will be expected to take responsibility for the success of your health
    • You will be expected to practise the techniques and apply the advice that we have, together, agreed is best for you
    • You will be expected to commit to this programme for at least two weeks
    • You will be expected to participate and ask as many questions as you like, because only if you understand will you be able to apply the teaching and, consequently, to experience the results

    robby-besner-1I have taken this course and it is truely revolutionary. It's amazing how hands on and personal Kostas makes this class. Total Health Now has done their home work. The work shops are informative, instructional, real time applicable and most of all fun.

    Kostas has a way of instructing that takes very scientific and complex concepts and makes them easy to understand and apply. I would recommend this course to anyone that is even slightly interested. It changed my life and my health.

    - Robby Besner, Founder of Therasage


    The Course will include *VIP* BONUSES

    • A 45 min One-to-One Health & Wellbeing Kick Start Strategy Call with Kostas, in order to assess your Health Goals and create a tailor made strategy on how you can achieve them
    • A follow up Group Coaching Session (Q & A classes ) to help you with your practice & improve your Health further (Date TBC during the course)
    • Opportunity to Re Attend the Live Training one more time, FREE of Charge
    • Access to specialised Webinars (How Toxicity, Electromagnetic Radiation, Stress & Negative Emotions causing numerous health problems and what you can do about it).

    BONUSES Value over £700


    nadaI just completed my 5 day Breath Retraining with Kostas and am blown away with the incredible transformation manifest simply by using this simple method of unique breathing. Kostas is a great teacher, very knowledgable and loves to crack jokes and tell stories which makes it more fun and easy to do! I would recommend this course to everybody! Thank you Kostas for a great class!

    - Nada Cory


    JOHN SUNDERLAND"Kostas has changed my life in the most positive way possible. His holistic approach to healing using simple, yet effective tools and techniques has given me confidence and a sense of control I thought was not possible.

    I have learned that I have control over my well-being, giving me a real sense of personal power to make changes. Teaching  me breathing retraining methods enabled me to stop taking medication for asthma and stomach problems. I have not taken these for the past 15 months and not even felt the need for them. I often suffered from re-occurring bronchial problems, but this winter has been the first time in my life that I have not had the need to go to my GP and have to take anti-biotic medicine. I have been taken off the list at my GP for reminders to take peak flow tests and have flu vaccinations.

    Coupled with this I have lost over 2 stone in weight and my eating habits have improved immeasurably. I enjoy enhanced sleep and have the energy to go about my work and home life more effectively. Kostas is an excellent therapist and his passion and technical knowledge is second to none."

    - John Sunderland-Wright, Director of Ultima Performance



    One to One Breathing Retraining Coaching available on request. Please contact us direct for more information on 0845 689 123 or ask@totalhealthnow.co.uk.


    BREATHING ONLINE TRAINING - Monday, 27th November - 1st December 2017 20:00-22:00 UK TIME (we run cources quarterly)  N.B. If you can not attend a day you will be given instructions on how to catch up with the work.

    One to One Training

    This specialist one-to-one breathing retraining programme is tailored to each personal health circumstances.

    CALL US NOW - 0845 689 1231 (Local Rate)

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    bob-imageI attended the online course for Breathing Retraining with Kostas earlier this year. Kostas is a brilliant teacher - so kind and thoughtful. I am still doing the breathing exercises every morning and having super results. I have not had a cold or anything similar since doing the course and my mental attitude and focus have improved dramatically.

    I thoroughly recommend this course.

    - Bob Hodgson

    Thank YOU Kostas ... You have given us the practical tools that help us maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle. A toast to our well-being! You are truly awesome !

    - Caroline Ciappara

    mattAll I can say is this stuff is life changing....The “crazy Greek” what he does not know about health and wellness isn't really worth knowing...

    Oxygenation my friends that's where it's at. It's all in the breath....Excellent programme , thank you so much Kostas

    - Matt Noronha

    Thank you again Kostas. A very insightful week. Lots of learning and lots of food for thought! You are a talented and thoughtful therapist.

    - Louise Walsh

    jacobKostas and the Kapelas System is a way for me to regain my health, Better Sleep, Optimal Energy, Kickstarting my Immune System and a game changing way to approach taking control of my health and life!
    I did the 5 day Breathing course and Kostas style, delivery and easy to understand explanations and guidance were fabulous! Thank you Kostas, I am grateful.

    - Jacob Roig

    Thank you so much for seeing me on Tuesday. You made it the turning point of the illness. I've become gradual better. Yesterday I managed with no medication. I also managed gentle breathing exercises. I've still cough during the night, but it's lighter and easier. The pain in the head has almost gone and my head is getting back to normal. Today I will start with the rest of your recommendations and be ready for a happy and healthy weekend. Thank you so much.

    - H. O.

    The breathing retraining definitely stopped me feeling jet lagged.  I have only been having 5 hours sleep and feel great!

    - Sophia

    Thank you also for sending all the extra information - I find the technical stuff absolutely fascinating and had you not sent it I would never have come across such information!

    - Lukas

    The first stage of my treatment with Kostas was to learn the Breathing Retraining techniques which immediately helped me sleep – and for the first time since childhood wake up without feeling groggy and even more exhausted.

    For many years I had taken Armour Thyroid and Liothyronine for hypo thyroid and cortisol for low adrenals – it took a year of practicing the breathing exercises to realise I was ready to gradually come off these medications-as proper breathing natrually raises the hormones. After discussing this with two medical doctors including my endriconologist I gradually stopped all thyroid and steroid medicine. At the same time I went to see Kostas who muscle tested all medications- and also tested for which supplements would best heal and support me- and the results have been literally life changing. Thanks to all this I have more energy than ever- and I feel my thyroid gland coming back to life!

    Kostas approach is holistic and he not only helped me emotionally but also physically/structurally by treating my
    my digestive system and unblocked by ileocecal valve which though painful was a huge relief and healed my IBS.

    Another benefit that has greatly improved my health and wellbeing was learning to breath properly while running - this has raised my fitness level so I can run much further and faster .

    Finally, all my eczema has disappeared by simply following some additional detox advice. All through the treatment Kostas always provided constant support and information, he really knows his staff. My life has improved dramatically and I have energy to be a more productive dynamic human being. Thank you Kostas!"

    - Lucy Phillips, Artist