Mango Raw Cheesecake Recipe (dairy, glueten, wheat & sugar free)


– 1 cup of Brazil Nuts

– 1 cup of oat biscuits

– 2 tsps of Coconut Oil

– 2 tbs of Cocoa Powder

– 2tbs of Agave Syrup or (1/2 cups of soaked dates)


– one fresh Mango or 1 cup of dried soaked Mango

– 1 1/2 cups of soaked Cashews Nuts

– 2 tbs of Coconut Oil

– 1 cup of water or coconut (rice) milk or water from soaked dried Mango


To make crust place all crust ingredients into a food processor (or it can be done in a blender too). pulse till it sticks together.  Crust batter should be soft, slightly sticky, but easy to work with.

Place crust batter into tart shells and press into pan. our crust filled 2 mini tart shells, you may do it in one big pie shell or tart pan. Once tart shells are filled set aside to start making your filling.

To make filling: put all the ingredients together and place into blender or food processor. Blend till smooth and creamy. pour Mango filling into your tart shells.

Set tarts in fridge for a few about 3-4 hours to set.  Enjoy!!!!
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